Cool cooking demonstration

On Saturday I joined a group of friends at a Malaysian cooking demonstration held at Hanuman Restaurant by Amanda Amutha. What a fabulous surprise -another of those well-kept Darwin secrets. Amanda worked through a menu of delights showing us how to prepare the dishes, explaining the ingredients to us & letting us see each dish close-up. As if that wasn’t fun enough, we got to eat the food afterwards – not just a little snack but a proper meal with wines to match. Amanda prepared Roti Jalal, Nasi Goreng Kampung, Fried Chicken (Asian style, not KFC), Chilli Beans and Bubor Kachang.  All in all a fantastic array of tastes. The presentation was a testimony to family involvement with Amanda’s mum, daughters and other relations involved as well.

We’ve all come away inspired to try the new taste sensations at home -though the dessert of Bubor Jachang or green mung beans & sago was a bit of a cultural leap for many of our western palates.

Bird life delights

Well it’s been a quiet time in virtual-blog-land for me lately as the real world has taken over.

This morning on the way into work I saw a family of eight (yes, 8!) curlews hanging out near the carpark. This is a pretty rare sight but one I also saw a week or two ago when they were paddling in the flooded gutters after the rain.

Then this afternoon, I spied three rainbow bee eaters bathing in the lake -the sun catching their exquisite turquoise & gold feathers. After each dip they’d fly back to the branch and click their beaks against the branch…strange. Soon after a kingfisher arrived to share the fun. Fantastic end to the working day!