Congress 2015 is coming for early birds

early bird and wormYes, Christmas is also coming, and is the goose getting fat? Well maybe not, but the shops are happy for us to believe it and want to part us from our money. Being a good genealogist I have a different idea for your Christmas wish list and your hard-earned cash.

Early birds today will be out catching worms not turkeys, as they make sure they’ve caught the registration discount for Congress 2015 in Canberra, March 26-30. You see today, 31 October, is the closing date for the early bird registration special and you can save $55.

So if you’re a wily bird who likes to save your pennies, don’t forget to register before you hit the Halloween trail tonight.

Xmas presentHowever, if the piggy bank isn’t quite up to it at the moment, all is not lost. Why not put Congress registration on your wish list for advance Christmas 2014 &/or birthday presents? You never know, Santa might be feeling especially generous this year.

Why not join in, it’s going to be a ton of fun with lots of learning and research opportunities.

You can read the latest Congress newsletter here and sign up for future ones here.

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