10 Year Blogiversary

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of my first post on this blog. Little did I know at the time how much it would become part of my life, or how many friends I’d make through it.

Over the years I’ve followed various prompts and written up stories as I’ve made discoveries about individual members or branches of my families. From these 858 stories I’ve had contact from different people with interest in the people or the events. Sometimes the friendships I’ve made have led to other discoveries like this recent one.

Some years ago I wrote a series called Beyond the Internet which was very popular and while some sources and strategies will have found themselves online, much remains as a useful process to work through.

Each year I’ve written a post to commemorate Anzac Day and Remembrance Day, trying to ensure those who served are not forgotten.

Part of my own learning over the years has been through attending presentations, seminars and conferences. After each I’ve tried to write a post summarising what I learned. One of the things I’ve learned – and thoroughly enjoyed – is the delight that comes with meeting friends at these events.

While I’ve not written as much in recent years – a combination of retirement distrations and relocation – there have still been things to share as I’ve made discoveries. If you want to read some of the posts from the past, you can search by category in the box in the right or peruse the Archives by month, also on the right.

For those contemplating a blog, just do it: not only is it an easy way to write up your family history, but you will gain new friends and make new discoveries as you go along. Don’t worry about how to write – use your own “voice” and it will be a true reflection of you.

Thank you to all my readers and genimates who’ve kept me company along the way. It’s been fun sharing with you.