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This page shows a sample of the blogs I follow as regularly as possible through Google Reader or direct subscription.

Some are family history oriented (so I think of them as work as well as play) others are purely for fun. This list is not static but I don’t always update it as quickly as I should. My Google Reader feed grows daily. If you know I visit your blog and it’s not on this list, please leave a comment and I’ll remedy my omission.

I like to comment on many of the blogs I follow because I know how much I appreciate comments on my blog. In return I will always respond with my reply as soon as possible.


Bewitched by Books (neglected)

East Clare Emigrants

From Dorfprozelten to Australia (about the Dorfprozelten emigrants to Australia)

Tropical Territory and Travel (life in the Tropics in photos and stories and my travel yarns)


A Hundred Years Ago

A Pocketful of Family Memories

A Rebel Hand

A Voice for the Silver Irish

Adventures in Genealogy

Ancestor Chaser

Ancestor Chasing

Anglers Rest

Archives Outside

As They Were

Australian Genealogy Journeys

Becoming Prue

British Genes

By The Bremer

Carol’s Headstone Photos

Carole’s Canvas

Clue Wagon

Corn and Cotton

Dance Skeletons

Dear Myrtle

Diary of an Australian Genealogist

Donegal Genealogy Research

Essex Voices Past

Family Cherished


Family History Fun

Family Matters

Family Stories Photographs and Memories

Family Tree Frog

Finding Eliza

From Helen V Smith’s keyboard

Genealogy & History News

Genealogists for Families

Genealogy in New South Wales


Genealogy Leftovers

Genealogy’s Star



Strong Foundations

Historians are Past Caring

Irish Graves –They who sleep in foreign lands

Irish Wattle

Library Currants

London Roots Research

Lone Tester

Lost Medals Australia

Marian’s Roots & Rambles

My Family History Research

My Family Research

My Genealogy Adventure

National Library of Ireland

Olive Tree Genealogy

On a Flesh and Bone Foundation: An Irish History

Planting the Seeds

Queensland Genealogy


Sassy Jane Genealogy

Scottish GENES

Seeking Susan ~ Meeting Marie ~ Finding Family

Shauna Hicks History Enterprises

Stumbling through the Past

Strong Foundations

That Moment in Time

The Armchair Genealogist

The Back Fence of Genealogy

The Demanding Genealogist

The Family Curator

The Family Recorder

The Reluctant Genealogist

The Turning of Generations

Tonia’s Roots

Toowoomba & Darling Downs Family History Society

Tracking Down the family

Travel Genee

Twigs of Yore

UK/Australia Genealogy

Updates Genie

Western District Families

Your Brisbane: Past and Present

Yvonne’s Genealogy Blog


A Big Life

Australian Women Writers


No More Wriggling out of Writing

Virginia Lloyd’s Blog

Wrote by Rote


2013 in 365 Photos

C B Wentworth

French Essence

Matteo Grilli Wildlife Art

Plumbing the Deeps

Sydney Eye

The Magpie’s Pen

The Magpie’s Fancy

View from the Teapot

22 thoughts on “Blog Links

  1. Hello,
    Mrs Cass, I am not sure this will reach you. I did write to a P Cass in Darwin but it may not have been you?.
    My wife is the grand daughter of Stephen Tedford/Gavin. We have been researching the Gavin family but yet to prove a connection to the Stephen Gavin who had a child (Stephen Tedford?Gavin) with Esther Tedford.We would love to hear from you if you could provide any Gavin history.
    Kidest regards
    Peter Fitzsimmons


    1. hi Peter, sorry I didn’t get the letter you sent. Although this Gavin family is not the one from which I’m descended I’ve been researching them as well: same places in Qld at the same time with some similar names. I have sent you a direct email with the relevant information -I believe I have the proof. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Pauleen


  2. Hello
    My name is Kay Hall and I am descended from the other James McSharry and have run into a brick wall as well. I cant find any information about who he and his brother Matthew came to Australia with or anything about their parents Patrick McSharry and Winifred Conolly. They all seem to have ended up in Rockhampton.


    1. hi Kay, good to hear from you -I’m intrigued. I’ve wondered from time to time if the two James McSharrys were related in some way. I’ll email you directly….two minds together may be better than two individual minds. Pauleen


  3. Thank you for mentioning my blog, Pauleen… That Moment in Time. I agree, Judy Webster has given so much to so many for so long. As another member of KIVA, I appreciated hearing about it from Judy.

    I’d like to put forward Silver Voice From Ireland, Maher Matters, Clare County Library Blog and Irish Wattle… all of which I love following. It was Silver Voice From Ireland (Angela) who led me to you… and to your ever interesting and inspiring blog. It was you who led me to Geniaus whom I am also following and so the circle continues.


    1. Thanks for the reminders Chris… I knew my list here wasn’t complete as I have about 100 in Google Reader including those you mentioned. I shall edit this list shortly.


  4. Hi, my name is Louise Coman, my father Brian Coman is James, Stephen, Patrick Joseph (Joe), George and Jack Gavin’s nephew. His mother Alicia(Gavin) Coman was their sister. I have been researching the Gavin brothers, and as a history teacher, very interested in any information and photos you may have. Stephen had a son James, but we have lost daughter visited Rue Petillon last year as she is in the RAAF and proud of our military history. I would love to see any photos, and dad also as we have some of the boys in uniform and family photos also. Hoping we may be able to meet up, we are on Brisbane Northside. Very excited to read this information. There is also an article on Trove that states ” seven sons serve the king” in regards to James Gavin’s sons being in the Army the other 4 boys joining 5 th Lighthorse, and 2 policemen.Also the tragic death of my great grandmother in a car accident. History, family, soooo important! Hope to hear from you soon.


  5. Also I posted my name as Louise Gavin on lighthouse site, as I have difficulty keeping up with plethora of usernames, passwords..just makes it easier when that us family you are looking for!


  6. Dad has just recalled his mother speaking of the Kunkel’s. he has only just visited his older brother and gone through family photos. We also have a few unidentified friends in photos so would be great to put names to faces. I have original of James Gavin, as it was my nanna’s as she lost her only sister Ellie. I was fortunate I requested all digital copies from AWM and have visited Research Centre with students. My only personal reading is WW1 material and the ADFA AIF research centre has also been helpful.


    1. hi Louise, Great to make contact. I know where Alicia fits in and have had a few attempts in the rather-distant past to find the family but not for a while. We are definitely related. Alicia et al are all nieces and nephews of my great-grandmother Julia Kunkel nee Gavin, sister to James Gavin. I think it will be simpler to email as there’s lots to discuss.


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