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This page lists “all” my family names, and their close connections (siblings etc). My search has led me down more extended paths as well and for this I recommend my East Clare page and my Dorfprozelten page. I also have blogs for each of these areas of research: East Clare Emigrants and From Dorfprozelten to Australia. If you have ancestors from either of these places, not to mention links to the families below, I’d love to hear from you.

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 CALLAGHAN: Ireland (Wexford, Courtown) pre-1911; (Wexford, Gorey) c1860-1882, Australia (Queensland, Rockhampton, Longreach, Townsville) 1882-1950.

 CAMPEngland (Hertfordshire, Sandon c1795 – 1854), Australia (Queensland, Ipswich 1854-1870)

FURLONG: Ireland (Offally/King’s, Tullamore c1840-) Australia (Queensland, Rockhampton, Maryborough) 1882-

 GAVINIreland (Kildare, Ballymore)(Dublin, Dublin) c1830-1854; Australia (Queensland, Darling Downs) 1855-present

GILHESPY/GILLESPIEEngland (Northumberland, North Shields) c1800-c1850, Scotland (Midlothian, Leith) 1850-.

KENTEngland (Hertfordshire, Sandon) 1650-1854; Australia (Queensland, Ipswich) 1854-present

KUNKELGermany (Bavaria, Dorfprozelten and Laufach) 1600s-c1855; Australia (Queensland, Ipswich and Murphys Creek) c1855-present

McCORKINDALEScotland (Argyll, Loch Fyne and Loch Awe) 1790s-1889 (Lanarkshire, Glasgow) c1860-1910, Australia (Queensland, Brisbane) 1910-present

McCORQUODALE: Scotland (Argyll, Loch Fyne and Loch Awe) 1790s-1870 (England, Gloucestershire) c1870-1883,  Australia (New South Wales) 1883-present

McSHARRY: (Also see SHERRY in Ireland) Australia (Queensland: Maryborough, Rockhampton) 1882-present

McSHERRY: (Also see SHERRY in Ireland) Australia (North & Western Queensland: Rockhampton, Longreach,Townsville, Brisbane) 1883-present

MELVIN: Scotland (Midlothian, Leith) 1790s-1877; Australia (Queensland, Ipswich and Charters Towers) 1877-1914, (New South Wales, Sydney) c1914-present

MORRISONScotland (Argyll, Strachur) 1700s-

MURPHY:  Ireland (Wicklow, Davidstown) c1830-c1850; Australia (Queensland, Darling Downs) 1854-1896.

O’BRIENIreland (Clare, Broadford) c1830-c1855, Australia (Queensland, Ipswich and Murphy’s Creek) c1855-1919

PARTRIDGEEngland (Gloucestershire, Coleford) c1834-1854+; Australia (Queensland) 1855-present

REDDAN: Ireland (Clare, Broadford) c1830-1880s

REID: England (Northumberland) pre-1850

SHERRYIreland (Offaly, Tullamore)(Wicklow, Arklow)(Wexford, Gorey) 1857-1882.

SIM: Scotland (Stirling, Bothkennar) c1700-c1900

THOM(P)SON: England Middlesex circa 1800-1840

WIDDUPEngland (Yorkshire pre-1855), Australia (New South Wales 1856-present)

WOOD: Scotland (Stirling pre-1850)


16 thoughts on “My Families

    1. Hi Fay & Pauline, I met with a distant relative, Hughie Moran, son of Bridget McSherry & James Moran in 1998 at aunty Phyllis’s 80th birthday in Cairns. They were first cousins. His siblings were Jim, Mollie and Eunice. I remember ‘pumping’ him for family tree information on the day. He was a bigger version of my dad, Peter Hart Jacobson, and I was astonished, as he had the same habit of stroking his cheek with his right forefinger.

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      1. Isn’t it interesting how these quirks show up? One day we’ll have time to really get down to the nuts and bolts of our McSherry/McSharry families.


  1. I don’t recognize any of the family names but I’m going to forward this to my sister, who is the genealogist in the family. This is a great idea to organize all of the information you collect when you’re doing genealogy.
    Visiting from the A-Z Challenge.


  2. Have been researching my family and my great grandmother Nancy Townsley was also born at Binbian Station, she was born 8th February 1857 and lo and behold the next birth registration is that of James Gavin, father Dennis Gavin and mother Ellen nee murphy. Your story of your g.g.grandmother Ellen certainly gives me an insight to their lives. Would love any other comments

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    1. Great to hear from you Merilyn…that is certainly a coincidence isn’t it? I haven’t turned up a great deal about the Gavin’s while at Binbian Downs but will look and see what I have. What religion were your family?


      1. From the records I have it would seem that they were presbyterian, there is no mention of Roman Catholic. Both James Townsley and Eliza Bingham – Nancy’s parents came from Armagh Ireland – emigrating via the ship Conrad in November 1855. On her birth registration – James was a shepherd and Eliza was a hut mistress, this being her first child. Thanks for your time and interest in this matter.

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      2. I haven’t done much sleuthing among the Presbyterian records. For the RCs the Ipswich priest did the baptisms. It’s always possible that yours may have been baptised by the Anglicans though the Catholics are unlikely 😉


      3. hi Merilyn, Belatedly coming back to this. Have you also checked to see what baptism records the Uniting Church has? You never know they may be able to add something. Binbian has been tricky to find, especially back in the “olden days” pre-internet. Now it’s possible to pick up odds and ends but it never seems to have had the profile of some of the big places. Can you imagine poor Eliza having her child out in the scrub, or perhaps she was allowed to go into the main part of the station….but then those sheep were pretty important 🙂 It amazes me what those women went through, as well as the men on the black-white frontier of the time where conflict occurred over grazing impinging on traditional land. Little did they know what they were letting themselves in for. Where did they wind up after Binbian? We can safely conclude your ancestors knew mine, whatever else. Coincidence isn’t it?!


  3. Thank you for your response. I have little info as to their early lives but do know they ended up on a block of land on Euthulla road near Roma. It was in Roma that their son John was born in 1886, however there were some 5 children born between Nancy and John of which only 2 survived. James passed away in 1903 a matter of months after his wife Eliza at the age of 71years so though is life would have been tough I feel he lived to a good age for the times.


  4. Hello, I’m a descendant of the Reddan’s in Co. Clare, Ireland.

    I’m hoping you might have any information in regards to John Reddan who was born approx. 1821/1825 and died 1905. His wife was Winifred Cleary (have also seen this spelt many different ways as well), she was born 1833 and died 1907. They’re both buried in the Tulla cemetery.

    They had a son Thomas John Reddan in 1860 who married Margaret Egan, They also had another son named after the father whom is my great grandfather.

    We also have morrisons on my grandmothers side.

    If you could contact me directly via email if you have any information at all that would be muchly appreciated!


  5. Hi, Mary O’Brien’s great-grandson was Victor Redvers Harrington. His parents were May Camelia Kunkel and William Victor Harrington. Does anyone know where the name ‘Redvers’ came from?


  6. Hi
    We have corresponded before on my husband’s McDonnell/Johnston/e family but I just noticed in your list above that you are connected to the Reddan’s of Broadford. My husband’s 3x Great Grandmother was Mary? Reddan (1789-1861) from Tuamgraney, County Clare daughter of Denis Reddan who married John Purcell in 1811. My husband’s 2x Great Grandmother was Katherine Purcell, daughter of Mary Reddan & John Purcell who married George McDonnell. Katherine and George lived in Broadford. Do you suppose there is a link?



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