My Beyond the Internet Topics

Back in 2012 I initiated a series called Beyond the Internet, with clues to explore offline resources. Such is the explosion of online resources that some of these may have been overtaken by the internet but rest assured there will always be records only available offline.

I tried to keep to a sequenced theme with occasional lapses. This is a summary of the topics (clicking on each one will take you to that topic).


Week 1: Church Interiors

Week 2: Ancestral Homes and their History

Week 3: Houses and Red Tape

Week 4: Donations and Subscriptions


Week 5: School Admission Records

Week 6: School Administration Records

Week 7: School Albums, Histories and Newsletters


Week 8: Certificates

Week 9: Baptisms, Banns and Burials

Week 10: Church Records and Registers


Week 11: Church Archives

Week 12: Church Histories


Week 13: War Memorials

Week 14: War Diaries, Shipping and Photographs

Week 15: Battalion, Battle and Military Histories

Week 16: War Service Records


Week 17: Hospital Records

Week 18: Benevolent Asylums

Week 19: Pauper Records

Week 20: Orphanages

The big picture

Week 21: Pensions

Week 22: Wills and Intestacies

Week 23: Probate and Deceased Estate

Week 24: Court Documents

Week 25: Gaol Records

Week 26: Police and other Gazettes


Week 27: Archives

Week 28: Places and Petitions

Week 29: University Reference Libraries

Week 30: Books

Week 31: Maps and Gazetteers

Week 32: Journals

Week 33: Local History

Week 34: Family History Society Libraries

Week 35: Published Family Histories

Week 36: Photographic Archives


Week 37: Monumental Inscriptions and Gravestones and some examples.

Week 38: Burial Registers

Week 39: Funeral Directors’ Registers


Week 40: Immigration

Week 41: Emigration Records

Week 42: Naturalisation Records


Week 43: Griffith’s Valuations (Ireland)

Week 44: Offline Newspapers ( a ring-in)

Week 45: Tithe Records and Maps

Week 46: Valuations and Council rates


Week 47: Police and railway staff records

Week 48: Teachers

Week 49: Merchant Seamen

Week 50: Licences including publicans, farming etc


Week 51: Oral Family, Local & Personal History

Week 52: Colonial Secretary’s Correspondence and the Devon Commission (Ireland)

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