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Books and articles I’ve found useful

This list of references includes many of my favourites. There are many others I have on the shelves. It’s pretty easy to tell what are my favourite research topics. The links offered are current at February 2021. I have not included a comprehensive reference here for each to save myself time.


Australian Pioneer Women (Eve Pownall) and Nick Vine Hall’s Tracing your Family History in Australia: the first books I was given as I started my family history in 1986. Who would have known the journey that was ahead of me?

Evidence Explained, Elizabeth Shown Mills.

Is History Fiction? A Curthoys and J Docker.

Mastering Genealogical Proof, T W Jones.


Ances-Tree: the journal of the Burwood and District Family History society. Articles by Jenny Paterson on the German emigrant ships: excellently researched, informative, fantastic! You must read these if you have mid-19th century German immigrants to Australia.

Dorfprozelten am Main Teil II. Veh, G, Benedict Press, 2002 (this is my “bible” for historical research on Dorfprozelten around the time the emigrants came to Australia). There is a copy at GSQ together with a partial index.

Dorfprozelten am Main: Ein Dorf im Wandel seiner 1000Jährigen Geschichte. Veh, G, Benedict Press 1995.

German Anzacs and the First World War. J F Williams.

German Census Records 1816-1916. R Minert.

Greetings from the land where milk & honey flows. P Cloos, J Tamke.

German Genealogy Guide. J M Beidler.

Queensland and Germany. A Corkhill.

Lands of the German Empire and before. W K Uncapher.

The German presence in Queensland: M Jurgensen & A Corkhill.

They weren’t all Lutherans – A case study of a small group of German Catholics who emigrated to Australia from Dorfprozelten, Bavaria. Cass, P. Published in the Proceedings of the 11th Australasian Congress on Genealogy & Heraldry, Darwin, 2006.


A Paper Landscape, The Ordnance Survey in Nineteenth-century Ireland. J H Andrews.

Archives of the Valuation Office of Ireland, F McGee.

End of Outrage. B Mac Suibhne.

Tracing your Irish Ancestors, J Grenham.

Great Irish Potato Famine, J Donnelly.

Mapping the Great Irish Famine.  Kennedy L, Ell P S,  Crawford, E M, Clarkson L, (eds).

Poverty Before the Famine: County Clare 1835, Clare Local Studies Project

Richard Griffith And His Valuations Of Ireland. Reilly, J R. Clearfield Company, Inc, 2000.

Sending out Ireland’s Poor, G Moran.

The End of Hidden Ireland. Scally R J.

Sable Wings over the Land, C O Murchadha.

Family and Community in Ireland, C M Arensberg & S T Kimball.

Sources for the Study of Crime in Ireland, B Griffin.


LOCAL HISTORY – Theory and Learning

English Local History, K Tiller.

The Pursuit of history, J Tosh.

In Defence of History, R J Evans.

Maps for Family and Local History. G Beech and R Mitchell.



Barefoot and Pregnant: T McLaughlin and his blog on the Irish Famine Orphans

Emigration and the Labouring Poor: Australian Recruitment in Britain and Ireland 1831-1860R, Haines..

From East Clare to Eastern Australia: the Parish Priest, the Middle Men and the Emigrants. Cass, P. Published in the Proceedings of the 11th Australasian Congress on Genealogy & Heraldry, Darwin, 2006. Presented in more detail at the Clare Roots Conference in Ennis, Ireland in 2016.

Farewell My Children: Irish Assisted Emigration to Australia 1848-1870, Reid, R. Anchor Books, Sydney 2011.

Grassroots Queenslanders: The Kunkel family. P, Cass. Out of print but available at various family history societies and reference libraries.

Ireland’s New World. M Campbell.

Life and Death in the Age of Sail: the passage to Australia. Haines R, UNSW Press, Sydney, 2003.

Migration in Irish History 1607-2007. P Fitzgerald & G Lambkin

Oceans of Consolation. D Fitzpatrick, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne 1995.

Single and Free, Female Migration to Australia, 1833-1837.  L Rushen.

Free Passage. P McIntyre.

Visible Immigrants. Volumes 2, 4 and 7. M Kleinig & E Richards (eds)



Defending Gallipoli: the Turkish Story, H Broadbent.

Don’t forget me cobber, R Corfield.

Fromelles, P Lindsay.

Fromelles & Pozieres, P Fitzsimons.

The Broken Years, B Gammage (now available to download)

The Last Blue Sea, D Forrest (my review here)

Books on Prisoners of War in WWII

Relevant unit and battalion reference books.



Brewers in Hertfordshire, A Whittaker.

Fishing & Fishermen, M Wilcox.

Jondaryan Station: the relationship between pastoral capital and pastoral labour 1840-1890. Walker, J, UQP  Brisbane, 1988.

Living on the Line, M Bitomsky & L Mylne.

Records of Merchant Shipping and Seamen, K Smith, CT Watts & MJ Watts.



Dating Twentieth Century Photographs. R Pols.

Family Photographs and How to date them. J Shrimpton.

Dating Family Photos 1850-1920. L Frost. (my favourite source)

Family Photo Detective. M A Taylor.


Battle of Brisbane, P Thompson & R Macklin.

Conrad Martens in Queensland, J G Steele.

Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery: Our Backyard: multiple volumes and submissions. Toowoomba & Darling Downs Family History Society

Foundation of the Catholic Church in Queensland, D Martin (free download now)

From 1950 to early 1980s, R Fitzgerald (includes a photo of my dad, unidentified)

Robert Dunne, Archbishop of Brisbane, N Byrne.

Queensland Pioneer Families 1859-1901, Genealogical Society of Queensland, P Williams & A Williams (eds).

From Tall Timbers,  Crow’s Nest & District Tourist & Progress Association.

Pubs, Ploughs and Peculiar People, M French.

Queensland Founding Families Vol I and II, Queensland Family History Society.

A Pastoral Romance, M French.

Squatter, Selector and Storekeeper. D Waterson.

School centenary books for my places of interest


Argyll 1730-1850: Commerce, Community and Culture. R A McGeachy.

Lost Argyll: Argyll’s Lost Heritage. M  Pallister.

Scottish Exodus, J Hunter.

People and Society in Scotland. W H Fraser, T M Devine, R J Morris, R Mitchison

Tracing Scottish Local History. C Sinclair.

Tracing your Glasgow Ancestors, I Maxwell.



Searching for The Secret River. K Grenville.

Family Memories: A guide to reminiscing. B Price.

How to write history that people want to read. A Curthoys & A McGrath.

Researching and Writing History. D Dymond.

Meet me at Lennons. M Myers (Brisbane and the Americans during WWII)

The Voyage of their Life. (Diane Armstrong) because it confirmed for me that there was merit in tracing emigrants, despite early discouragement from academics in the 1990s.

We should’ve listened to Grandma. N Kyle.

My blog post from years ago explains why some historical books have long been on my favourites list.




10 thoughts on “Resources -reference books/papers

  1. Hello
    My husband’s family are descendants of Franz Wainard (Rainard) Zoeller and his wife Catharine Beutel who left Dorfprozelton on Peru in 1855. They settled near Toowoomba Queensland Australia and eventually changed their name to Zeller. We have a full family history of this line in Australia, but know little about their Bavarian life. We think Franz father was Peter and his mother Magdalena, but have no information about them and they were both dead at the time of his travel to Australia. Does any one have any information about this line of the Zoeller family in Dorfprozelton, or can you direct me to the best location? Thanks so much. Elizabeth


    1. hi Elizabeth, yes I have some info on this family at the Dorfprozelten end. I believe that Franz was actually Franz Ignaz Zoeller. I know I’ve seen the Wainard/Rainard used but can’t recall where. It will be best if I email you directly with some info on this family. Cheers Pauleen


      1. Dear Pauleen
        That is so exciting! I also have seen Franz Ignatz and even Eugnot. It always seems to be the same person, so that is a mystery. I am very grateful for any leads you might be able to snd our way. Happy to share what I know of the family here in Australia.


  2. Hi Pauleen,
    I wonder if you could give Elizabeth Kendall my email address so that I can make contact with her directly. We are both descended form Franz Zoller and Catherine Beutel.
    Best Wishes
    Monica Anderson


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