Women and Work

This week’s topic on ANZAncestryTime was “Women and Work”. In my opinion that’s almost a tautology, unless your ancestors were lucky enough to have been wealthy or aristocratic, which none of mine were. In most cases, regardless of where they lived and what their marital status, our female ancestors worked hard either in the home, … More Women and Work

Australia Day 2021

Over the years I’ve written various posts for Australia Day and even offered a meme or two. Strangely I’d forgotten that I’d done many of these until my geminate Anne from Anne’s Family History blog resurrected one of these themes today. Since I’ve prepared no new post for Australia Day 2021, I’m including a list … More Australia Day 2021

@ANZAncestryTime topic: Researching Online

Last week’s @ANZAncestryTime chat on twitter focused on the topic of “Researching online”. Each week we have four sets of questions relevant to the topic, which people can respond to. Being one of the hosts, I get to pre-schedule my responses so I can focus on commenting on the answers, comments and replies from others. … More @ANZAncestryTime topic: Researching Online

Another Trove discovery: Miss McSherry joins the convent

Sometimes at night, I just trawl through Trove using a combination of surname and place. Often the results just turn up finds I’ve made previously, tagged and linked to the relevant lists I maintain. And then, out of the rabbit hole, pops a completely unexpected rabbit[i]. I have no idea why this was a surprise … More Another Trove discovery: Miss McSherry joins the convent