Genies Down Under

This month I’ve been honoured, and very delighted, to have the Genies Down Under podcast 16, on researching offline, dedicated to my Beyond the Internet series, a lovely compliment to start the year! I was very chuffed when Maria asked if she could mention me and make reference to my posts. When you’ve put a lot of work into producing something like that it makes it so worthwhile when others find your tips and strategies helpful.

I have to hang my head now because I’ve only relatively recently heard of the Genies Down Under podcasts and hadn’t quite got round to listening to any. However I am now a convert and am working my way through the series. Maria has a huge array of resources available on the blog site and as well as the podcasts there are also links, images and show notes to go with the audio.  Maria’s themed discussions come under the headings of tips, tools, tricks and traps which neatly encapsulate the issues you need to address.

Warning: Don’t listen late at night. Last night I listened to the one on heirlooms, and then so many ideas were swirling in my head that I couldn’t sleep!

If, like me, these podcasts have been on your “gunna” list of things to do, I encourage you to head over and have a look and listen to this great collection of themes. Each podcast is very professionally produced, but is also quite relaxed in style. While Maria says it is genealogy with an Aussie spin, I’d be very surprised if researchers in other countries couldn’t gain something from most of the sessions.

Maria posts each podcast on the first of the month and upcoming ones include naming patterns (Feb), Techie stuff, (March), Irish stuff (April), favourite ancestors (May), immigration (June), storage (July). She also welcomes ideas if you wish to make suggestions or comments on a particular topic. You can contact Maria on geniesdownunder [at] gmail [dot] com.

Why not join me and put a link to the Genies Down Under podcasts on your sidebar.