Lightning & thunder

Lightning, thunder and heavy rain have been the theme for the start of the New Year. No amateur natural fireworks here – a full-scale crashing of  heavenly furniture being moved around with accompanying light displays. It seems odd to say that when the airconditioning is on and the sky turns dark grey with heavy Wet Season clouds prior to a pelting downpour, it feels like winter without the snow…weird I know, when it’s 37C outside.

Many people in the Top End leave town for the Xmas-New Year period and those who stay enjoy just being with friends and family who aren’t on a rellie-run down south. Yesterday in our part of town was quieter than Edinburgh on New Year’s Day! No doubt there were lots of hangovers being nursed but others were just chilling out with family history, books, or patchworking. In the evening we had the pleasure of watching the Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year’s concert -always a great pleasure & aren’t those flowers from San Remo gorgeous?!

Let’s all hope for a wonderful, healthy and happy 2010 for each of us and our families. Enjoy the small moments.

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