New Year in the Top End

The New Year kicked off with rain, rain and more rain as the monsoons arrived with a vengeance…the ducks and magpie geese have been enjoying the puddles. On the upside it also brought lower temperatures and strong winds which made the days more pleasant. However it’s nice to see the sunny skies again even if it’s now more humid. Yesterday on the way home I saw a family of curlews settling in for the night: two sitting in a concrete circle in the carpark looking like soldiers with their heads up over a turret, another hunkered down in the midst of the carpark and the fourth one keeping an eye on proceedings. The baby plovers (aka “mini-evil” in some circles) have not been seen for some time. The parents spent most of November on guard duty bombarding anyone who came anywhere within range: no point telling them you didn’t mean to hurt their babies. The little ones were so cute with their stick legs and indifference to danger -except when a parent chittered their warning to “hide, hide, hide!”. Presumably the family is old enough now to be able to fend for itself or they’ve taken off somewhere on their summer holidays.

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