Gloom and doom and no power

Like many Territorians we woke up on Saturday to find that we had no power. Life’s tough without the first cup of coffee for the day so thank heavens for the gas camping kit.The house was gloomy until about 8am except for the glow of the laptop screen and the fluoro torch. It makes you realise how hard it would be to live in a climate where gloom is the norm for many months of the year. Suddenly humidity and hot weather doesn’t seem so bad.

An unprecedented lightning strike had taken out both high voltage transmission lines leaving a huge geographic area without power. While many shops were shut being unable to function without power, some showed adaptability, leading their customers through the store by torch-light. The Saturday markets at Parap were heaving with people desperate for a morning coffee, smoothie or a breakfast of Asian food….the generators and gas burners worked overtime and people were mostly happy. The Police took the opportunity to remind residents that this was a pale shadow of life if a cyclone struck: no power, no cooking, no ATMs, no petrol pumps, no opportunity to recharge the mobile and all the other modern conveniences we take for granted. Their message: think of your cyclone kit & like the Guides & Scouts: Be Prepared!

Actually considering the scale of the outage PAWA did a good job to get the power back on within 6 or so hours. Some poor employees must have been working like mad, so well done people!

2 thoughts on “Gloom and doom and no power

  1. Hah, should have thought of the Parap markets! I met a friend at Nightcliff for morning tea. We had a good chat in a deserted mall, but no tea or coffee, of course! Thank goodness it was cool that day. Were you in Darwin when Cyclone Helen struck? I was away, but gather that the power was off for quite a while in some areas (though not as huge as Saturday’s outage!)


    1. Yes the cool weather made it quite pleasant. We were in town for Helen but don’t remember the power problems – we spent the day buying cyclone kit needs for Lachie who was a baby at the time (both parents being on emergency duties) and preparing the house. Lost interest later in the day when it was only a Category 1.


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