Happy New Year

Fannie Bay is beautiful

Celebrating Darwin & the Top End….Sydney might have the best Oz fireworks but in Darwin  you can:

  • walk to the waterfront to see the fireworks at 5 minutes to midnight 
  • enjoy the fireworks display with only a handful of people in the vicinity
  • see the fireworks on one side of the bay accompanied by a lightning symphony on the other side
  • be home in bed 30 minutes later.

You have to be happy with that!

To all my friends, a very happy New Year and all the best for 2011.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Hi
    My great grandparents were from Broadford and arrived in 1886 along with their children. They left behind Macs who until recently remained in the area. They were all expert at flying under the radar so to speak so I dont really have much info going back any length of time. A pity.


    1. Thanks for getting in touch Mike. The Broadford emigrants seem to be good at flying below the radar. Do you know which townland they came from? Also do you know if they had relatives here already when they arrived -this was quite common. What were the names of your grandparents? Would be very interested to know more because they’re all proving elusive in Austalia. Cheers


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