Surname Sunday-my “families of interest”

It’s time to list my “families of interest” again: not just those on my own family tree, but those I’ve come to research:


George Kunkel from Dorprozelten, Bavaria. Photo from a relative's very old photo album.

KUNKEL:  George, son of Adam & Katharina from Dorfprozelten, Bavaria (Bayern), Germany to Australia -mid-C19th.  Brickwall is his brother Joseph Philip or Philip Joseph Kunkel who reportedly went to “America”.

O’BRIEN: Mary from Ballykelly, near Broadford, Parish of Kilseily, County Clare, Ireland. Thanks to oral history and good fortune this tree’s branches are flourishing. However I’m also interested in her sibling’s families in Australian and the USA: WIDDUP (Australia), HOGAN (Sister Kate married Patrick Hogan -also believed to be from Broadford area- in Sydney);  McNAMARA (stayed in Ireland), KINNANE (believed to have gone to USA),  and GARVEY (Australia and US).

McSHERRY aka SHERRY: Peter and wife Mary CALLAGHAN. This family has links to Gorey, Wexford, Ireland as well as Tullamore, Kings County or County Offaly.

McSHARRY aka SHERRY: James and wife Bridget FURLONG: (see my post about the Furlongs). Bridget came from Tullamore but where did James come from? Name distributions suggest he came from a Northern Ireland County —but where and when was he born….the BRICKWALL. Also no information on where he died: might he have left Australia for NZ or elsewhere? He was a railway man. MYSTERY: why did one branch of this family call themselves McSherry and the rest use McSharry?

McCORKINDALE aka McCORQUODALE (many spelling variations): From Argyll: Loch Fyne but traditionally Loch Awe via Glasgow (like so many Highlanders). MYSTERY/BRICKWALL: See my post: what became of Thomas Sim McCorkindale and his family who lived in the Greater London area.

McCORQUODALE: Also the children of brother Hugh who emigrated to Australia, unknown as far as I’m aware to many of his great-nieces and nephews.

MELVIN: This close-knit family came from Leith, near Edinburgh to Australia. Generations of the family were sailors/seamen and true international travellers well ahead of their time.

GILLESPIE/GILHESPY and REED: From North Shields, Tynemouth, Northumberland- again a family with sea connections although the REEDs were miners. MYSTERY: Where did Stephen Gilhesy, weaver, come from or was he a native of the area?

PARTRIDGE: Originally from Coleford in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, with detours through London and Yorkshire. Possibly originally a Welsh family -they certainly lived on either side of the border. The ROSEBLADE family from North Queensland are related to the PARTRIDGES.

KENT: The whole family left Sandon in Hertforshire, England  for Australia in mid-C19th. MYSTERY: Why? They weren’t poor labourers like so many. Religion  may have played a part but were there economic reasons as well?

GAVIN: Denis from Ballymore, County Kildare, Ireland. Married and had first child in Dublin.

GAVAN/GAVIN: This unrelated family came to Queensland from Clifden, Galway, Ireland largely because one of their family was an “Exile” or one of the last convicts sent to NSW and thence to Moreton Bay. I used to research this family with my friend and fellow researcher, Carmel, since deceased. I continue partly from curiousity but also in her honour.

MURPHY: Ellen from Davidstown, Co Wicklow, Ireland (a nice easy name, Murphy!). Married and had first child in Dublin.

MORRISON: This family lived at Inverglen, Strachur, Argyllshire, Scotland for a very long time. I’ve not had much luck connecting with anyone from this family.

SIM: The Sim family lived at Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland for centuries with minor detours to St Ninian’s and Clackmannanshire. Nonetheless they held the lease on the Bothkennar property for a very long time. They appear to have been prosperous farmers.

DORFPROZELTEN families I research (albeit unrelated to me but part of my migration research) include: Zöller/Zeller/Sellars and Schulmeier, Brannigan, McQuillan, O’Brien; Günzer/Ganzer and Hock,Bodman; Diflo and Mühling, Ott, Erbacher; Diflo and Nevision; Bilz/Bils and Coe and Morse; Hennig/Henny; Krebs and Wisthof/Wüsthof, rose, Ambrosoli, Miller; Kaüflein/Kaufline and Afflick, Agnew, Worland and many others (Snowy-country, Hunter Valley and Northern Rivers) etc; Kuhn and Brigden, Rose, Miller; Dümig/Demmig and Füller and Sues/Seus.

East Clare: any families who came to Australia (in particular) from the eastern half of County Clare ie east of Ennis.

8 thoughts on “Surname Sunday-my “families of interest”

  1. Hi, I’m researching my husband’s family tree, I am a beginner at this and is just something I do from time to time with 2 young children. William roseblade is my husband’s great grandfather, John musto roseblade was Williams’s brother, he married Lucy partridge after his first wife died, as far as I know there are no children. If you have anymore Info On the roseblades, particularly William I would love to share it.


    1. Good to hear from you. Unfortunately I don’t have much on the Roseblades and nothing on William at all..too far removed from my direct family. If he was in North Qld with John Musto Roseblade you might find something about him in the various books from the area.


  2. Hi, I am also researching my husband’s family tree. I am looking for Michael and Catherine O’Loughlin who lived in Jondaryan area in 1860’s and their children were Michael, Edward, Mary, Thomas and Jane. There could have been more. Families they married into were Grimes, Dellahide, Reiss and Frawley. Mary O’Loughlin married P.J. Frawley from Toowoomba which he is descended from. All we know is that they were farmers in Jondaryan but cannot find anything about them..


    1. hi Roxanne, Definitely worth trying to look at the Jondaryan station records. There will almost certainly be lots about them if they were in Jondaryan and Toowoomba areas and owed land. If you’re near Brisbane I’d visit the Queensland State Archives or Queensland State Library for further information. Alternatively if you still live on the Downs I’d suggest you join the Toowoomba and Darling Downs Family history society.

      You might care to read my “Beyond the Internet” posts -you can click on the topic in the sidebar: they give you some idea of what type of resources are available away from the internet, and what they can tell you about family. Alternatively, or as well, a recent set of posts by Sharon at Strong Foundations blog who wrote about starting family history as part of the April A to Z challenge There’s lots of information out there where you can learn more about your ancestors. Good luck and happy hunting.



  3. Hello Looking for my ancestors from Dorprozelten Germany. They were Nebauers and Umscheids.
    My ancestors came to Australiain 1854 I have some information but trying to look for som more about the Nebaurers….Eugene Nebaur and hswife and his parents are Stephen Nebaurer and mother Elizbeth Plaz…Eugene wife Carolyn Umsceid herparents Martin and her mother was Maria Anna Zoller..


    1. hi Gail, I do have some information on this family and I think if you search my blog you’ll find other Nebauers have made contact who may have more detail for you. I am happy to provide more, but I won’t have as much because this isn’t my family, so mainly have earlier information….and it will have to wait for a couple of weeks as I have other family commitments right now. Cheers Pauleen


  4. On another forum you queried Elsie Mowbray and her parents William Mowbray and Mary Garside.

    William and Mary (also known as Molly) were my great Grandparents. I have been to their graves in Frosterley and have photos video. There was also a child of theirs buried there as well. They must have moved to Gateshead because that is where my grandfather was born. My grandmother often wrote to Elsie and talked to her on the phone.

    My grandfather was Elsie’s younger brother John Noel born 25/12/1900. His brothers Alan and Gilbert also migrated to Adelaide and from memory were motor mechanics.

    If you are still interested in Elsie feel free to reply.

    Are you related to Jo Frawley?


    1. hi Sam, This isn’t ringing bells with me. Do you have the relevant link? It’s not my family but I may have been searching for them for another reason at the time. Pauleen


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