Murphy’s Creek sadness

Today the tiny village of Murphy’s Creek is cut off from the rest of the world having been hammered by a flash flood yesterday in which homes were swept away and people lost their lives and others are still missing. In such a small community these losses will be immense.  We’re hearing about the other towns large and small but less from Murphy’s Creek because of its isolation by the flood. Hopefully with time it will eventually regroup and recover from this enormous “hit”.

Most people would not even know Murphy’s Creek is tucked away at the foot of the range though it was pivotal in building the railway line west in the 1860s. It is also the home of my ancestors so I’ve done research on it and I feel so saddened by their losses even though I am not directly affected.  

All we can do is hold the battlers in our thoughts and prayers…and give money to the flood appeal. I don’t fly the patriotic banner much but the average Aussie’s willingness to contribute financial support to those worse off in a crisis is commendable to say the least. The courage shown by Emergency Services personnel both old and young (I’ve seen images of helpers aged from mid-teens to mid-70s) is inspirational.

Meanwhile the rest of the State and Brisbane is bracing for more flooding. It’s all very tragic.

2 thoughts on “Murphy’s Creek sadness

  1. Thanks so much Amy. I’m also a Brisbane-born “girl” so reeling with shock and feeling very much like I should be doing something but a bit hard from 3300kms away. The effect on Queensland will be devastating but it’s consoling to know people so far away actually care.


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