Lost in Trove -Qld pics in Australian Women’s Weekly

Some weeks ago I mentioned not being able to find my wedding photo in the AWWs which have been digitised under Trove despite using a range of relevant search terms. http://www.trove.nla.gov.au/

Today I went searching under the publication date and learnt something new – the AWW obviously published different “Social Pages” for each State and of course when you’re searching you are really only getting the information from the copies held/obtained by the National Library.

I’m guessing many of those came from NSW or Victoria. Mystery explained but it does mean that family historians will say “oh well, they’re not in there” when they possibly were! It’s logical enough when you think about it, but it certainly hadn’t occurred to me previously that these would be state-specific.

It would be worthwhile exploring whether the local State library holds microfilm copies of the AWW which might be state-specific if you’re looking for one particular photo.

Please don’t think this is a criticism of Trove -I think it’s pure gold -but it’s not infallible, something that needs to be kept in mind.

5 thoughts on “Lost in Trove -Qld pics in Australian Women’s Weekly

  1. I didn’t know that Women’s Weekly were state specific, but I guess it does make sense. It is always good to know what is (and is not) in the source you’re looking at, so you don’t draw the wrong conclusions. Thanks for passing this on.


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