Darwin was Wiggled

A little over three weeks ago the Wiggles came to Darwin for the first time. It seemed like most of the under-fives in town went to one of the shows held at our new Darwin Convention Centre.

Two of the grandchildren, Master Four and Miss Three, were among the lucky attendees and had an absolutely fabulous time! Miss Three had to wear a particular swirly skirt so she could sing Hot Potato (with actions) then when fully dressed, well ahead of the time, sat on the front step calling out Wake up Geoff (one of their trademarks).

Since the concert we’ve been regaled with repeat performances of all aspects of the show. Master Four has role-played Anthony as compere, Murray with the guitar, Captain Feathersword and Geoff’s handstands. This week I became Dorothy –not sure why other than perhaps because I had on a green shirt.

Cricket bats and other racquets have been transformed into guitars for the performance. Miss Four was allowed to be a Wiggle (even though at first instance she needed to be a Wiggly dancer since she was a girl). The two of them together belted out Big Red Car and Hot Potato with Lights Camera Action being a big hit! They’ve had a great time, the two older cousins, role-playing their entertainment adventure. Master Nearly-Two blithely navigates their performances, stopping to pilfer the feather duster aka Captain Feathersword’s sword – or a wiggly dancer’s banner. 

The show’s success has been astounding and well-deserved I think. The kids love it and so do the adults – although waking up in the middle of the night with Big Red Car in your head can get a bit tedious.

2 thoughts on “Darwin was Wiggled

  1. I can still remember wearing my niece’s Dorothy tail around the house for a day. I think it was a birthday, although it may just have been a visit. You’ve gotta love The Wiggles!


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