Honouring female McCorkindale and Sim ancestors

This photograph includes two of my direct female ancestors: Catherine (Kit) McCorkindale is the young girl on the left and her mother is Annie Sim McCorkindale. The photo will have been taken in Glasgow circa 1895. Annie Sim came from the parish of Bothkennar in Stirlingshire where her family had lived for centuries. She died in Brisbane, Australia.

Annie Sim McCorkindale and daughters

3 thoughts on “Honouring female McCorkindale and Sim ancestors

  1. Thanks for visiting mu blog. I have spent sometime browsing through your blog. You have done fantastic work on your family history. I admire you. I started but I was working full time then and I stopped when I hit a wall. I was always going to get back to it when I retired (4 years ago) but I still haven’t got to it. However, I have started writing my own story on my blog, the links are on my sidebar. I am in the process of renovating my photo albums at the same time. Maybe when that is done I’ll get back to Genealogy


    1. hi Diane

      Yes I had a good look at your site with lots of interesting yarns and photos. And I was interested in your PNG connections as well. Cheers Pauleen


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