Top End Open Gardens: Jade Vine is this week’s star

The spectacular jade vine in all its glory taken at Anthill Gardens today.

One of the joys of the Top End in the Dry Season is the array of gardens which are open and visiting them is part of our “social” agenda. Unfortunately due to our interstate trip we’ve missed a few but last week’s garden and this week’s have been delightful. I loved the intimacy of last week’s garden with its many rooms, lush foliage, fun mosaics and absolute privacy. This week, the feature plant at today’s garden, Anthill Gardens, was the Jade vine. Apparently the combination of a heavy Wet Season and a chilly spell in the Dry has produced a good flowering season. I thought you might like to see some images of this vine which is native to the Philippines but don’t get too carried away and plant it in your own garden unless you have lots of space. Apparently it has a tendency to take over. This garden (with which I have no connection) is about to be a commercial tourist attraction in the Top End as Tropical Display Gardens.If you’re travelling around it will be worth a look. The front of the property has some fairly spectacular termite mounds too. In fact, if you’re touring the Top End and enjoy gardens, keeping an eye out for the Open Garden information is well worth while for a pleasant outing….it’s unlikely you’d be disappointed.

A glade of jade vine flowers

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