Time for a new blog look

If you’ve previously logged into my page and are bewildered today, it’s because I’ve introduced a new look to my blog. For some time I’ve been feeling that my blog is a bit “squashed” and made it harder to read. Hopefully there’s not too much open space now.. Let me know what you think…is it easier to read?

The header takes up a bit more space than in my old-style blog but nearly all the images relate to my family history as I’ve used images of ancestral sites. I’d like to be able to link specific images with specific pages but that doesn’t appear to be possible. Happy for any tips if other WordPress people can offer some.

So what images will you be seeing:

The old red-roofed shed on my O’Brien family land in Ballykelly, Broadford, Parish Kilseily, Co Clare, Ireland.

Shore in Leith, Scotland, where my Melvin ancestors lived for many decades before emigrating: they could return now and be familiar with all these buildings.

Dorfprozelten, Bavaria from across the River Main, showing the village church, boats and vineyards: home of my Kunkel ancestor.

A beach scene from Achill in County Mayo because for me it typifies life on Ireland’s coast even though none of my rellies come from here.

A view over Dorfprozelten on the River Main, Bavaria. The river is a boundary and across the river is Baden.

Snow capped hills not far from near Drimuirk on south Loch Awe, Argyll, Scotland: McCorkindale country..

A view over Loch Awe from Kilchrenan parish: my McCorkindale ancestors moved from one side of the lake to the other but the north side (Kilchrenan) is where the McCorquodales came from in the long distant past.

A typical Irish scene in County Clare:patchwork fields.

Inveraray in Argyll, Scotland, home of Clan Campbell, and a focal point for families living in the area -they were inevitably influenced by this family. It is situated on Loch Fyne and my McCorkindales also lived at Ardkinglas at the top of Loch Fyne while my Morrisons lived across the loch from Inveraray.

Hmm, not sure all the images are scrolling randomly as intended, so please bear with me on that one..but at least you’ll get some.

I do hope you enjoy the new look.

6 thoughts on “Time for a new blog look

  1. Hi, Cass – I like the new look – very clean looking and easy on the eye, and generous with the white space. The banner photograph is stunning and the larger font suits me better too. I was interested in your comments on Leith as that is where my husband’s Donaldson family came from – have a look at the topic listing on the left of my blog to find postings on the Donaldson Family.


    1. Thanks for the feedback Susan….much appreciated. I’ll have a look at your Donaldsons _ a friend used to have an interest in Donalsons but not sure where they are from and sadly she is no longer with us. Pauleen


  2. Very nice changes to your blog. I like the clean, crisp look, and the pictures for the headings are wonderful. Ever since I first came across your blog, I have been a fan, and you continue to keep me entertained, In many ways our history seems quite similar, even tho your ancestors landed in Australia and mine on the shores of Manhattan island — and a few other places up and down the new country’s Atlantic coast. Looking forward to more of your blog.


    1. Thanks for the feedback and compliments, Joan. It’s nice to know that my readers enjoy the stories. I agree we’ve had lots of experiences in common which in some ways is surprising given the geographical distances. Pauleen


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