A research resolution: keeping track of the day’s research

A new more efficient me!

Motivated by Joan from Roots’n’Leaves, who’s been doing Sunday Synopsis posts, I’ve resolved to keep a daily research log of just what trails and research crumbs I’m following. It’s all too easy to get caught up chasing a research rabbit down a hole. My hope is that this will keep me focused and less prone to being pulled by the tides of what I come across: when I have a project to do I’m much more “on target”. Hence I’ve commenced a running file which opens with Word and to which I can add dot points throughout the day.

The hoped-for benefits:

  • Staying focused on what I want to achieve
  • a readily-searchable document when I want to revisit research paths I’ve taken.
  • Highlight how productive or otherwise the day has been
  • Identify proposed tasks for the days ahead

Rather than see Sunday Synopsis posts you’re more likely to see the outcome as research posts.

Let’s see how long the resolution lasts…and how well it works.

14 thoughts on “A research resolution: keeping track of the day’s research

  1. Yup, I’m trying to do this, too – mainly through my Wednesday posts, but I hope also general research posts as you are doing. It really does organize the mind and make gaps and trends more apparent. Good luck!


  2. Congratulations on taking this brave step and for the public declaration of your intentions.

    You’re a better woman than I. I’ll look forward to hearing how it’s going.


    1. Brave or foolhardy 😉 I thought it was a way to keep me “honest”. If it works I’ll keep doing it, if not it will go by the board. I hope it will serve the same purpose as a string in a labyrinth.


  3. The cartoon is fantastic! I agree that it’s vital to be organized–but I must admit that I sometimes have a wonderful time chasing a research rabbit down a hole. Sometimes it sends me in new directions–other times it is just fun.


    1. Hi Sheryl, I thought the cartoon added a bit of wackiness to the topic;-) I too love chasing the rabbit down the hole and it is definitely both fun and lead to new discoveries. But just lately I feel too much like I’m not being proactive enough…hence the resolution. There’ll still be time to chase my rabbits though.


  4. Love the cartoon although if I have to wear high heels and be done up to the nines to be organised it will never happen! Most of my stuff happens around midnight in my PJs. It is great what you are doing but please do leave yourself some “rabbit-hole time”


    1. Yep, me too..casual is the name of the game 😉 I’ve decided I will code some entries as RHT (rabbit hole time)….just for fun and the serendipitous chances that arise.


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