Mapping family places in Papua New Guinea

I’ve been talking about a few places in Papua New Guinea as part of the A to Z challenge but not making allowance that their location is probably all “Double Dutch” to most people. For those who are interested this is a tailored map from Google of the places I’ve mentioned plus a few more. You can click on each blue pin to see what it says, drag the map right or left, or click on “View Larger Map” on the bottom to enlarge it.

7 thoughts on “Mapping family places in Papua New Guinea

    1. Thanks Chris, I enjoyed learning how to do the personal map and put it in the blog. I guess in PNG you get used to moving, plus with family elsewhere, you get used to visiting.


    1. Hi Kristin, yes I was pretty pleased with myself for getting that to work 😉 You could use it for all sorts of things. Thomas Macentee has a guide on the geneabloggers bootcamp pages ( but also available through Google here Or you can watch a youtube video on it. The main thing is to ensure you are in “My Map” which you create first then you have to add a little blue tag (top left of map). When you add the info just check you’re adding it to your map. You can choose whether to make the map personal, by invitation, or public. Hope this is helpful and not just clear as mud!


      1. After I saw yours last night I googled and found directions and made one of where everybody in Detroit lived in 1940. I will post it in a minute just because I’m so pleased with myself ;-D So glad you posted it.

        I caught up on all your A-Z posts last night too and know more about that area of the world than I ever did before. And still not very much. My favorite way to learn about an area is to read fiction written by people who live there. Maybe you could help me with some titles or authors? Or where to find a good one?


      2. Great that you got yours done too Kirstin! We could get hooked 😉 I’ll give some thought to your question about fiction authors. A few come to mind immediately but need to reflect how they’ll be for someone not familiar with the place.


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