Family History Alphabet series: B is for….

Alona Tester from Gould Genealogy has proposed a Family History through the Alphabet series over the coming 26 weeks. I decided that my theme would be the Attributes we need as family historians: the skills, experience and talents you bring to your research.  Here is my selection of  B attributes.

Believe in yourself and your family history project: it’s bigger than you are.

B is for our BELIEF in the value of the work we’re doing and the importance of recording our family stories to share with our family and descendants.

B is for the BRAVERY you’ll need to take on the challenges ahead of you on this exploration of family and to cold-call, email or write to relatives you’ve never met.

B is for the personal BENEFITS you’ll gain from your research, not only new skills but new insights into your family and yourself.

B is for the BOOTS you’re going to need when you head out to “walk the land” or get down and dirty in the cemeteries you need to explore. (yes, I know, boots are more assets than attributes…perhaps getting down and dirty should be under bravery as well).

What “B” attributes do you think we need?

To succeed, we must first believe that we can. Michael Korda[i]

11 thoughts on “Family History Alphabet series: B is for….

    1. Thanks Genealyn…yep, can’t go wrong with a good pair of boots when it comes time to prowl the cemeteries. And here it’s the added incentive to avoid snakes in long dry grass in bush cemeteries.


    2. If your boots have good ripple soles they’re great for clearing moss off fallen headstones. As an added bonus, if you’re short of things to worry about, you can then worry about the possibilityof having wiped out the last colony of a previously uncatalogued lichen…


      1. Indeed, though from a conservation point of view boots aren’t the optimal preservation method. Mind you, nor is leaving the corner of the cemetery to become completely overgrown until the graves disappear entirely.


  1. “Bravery” is the attribute that resounds with me right now, Pauline. Had the contact details of one of my mum’s cousins for years before finally making the call. Felt like I was being disloyal to my dear mum for she’s the one who broke off the relationship, in the mid 1950’s, after Nana died … and for very valid reasons, I believe.
    Glad I was a “brave girl” … have caught up with lots of them now and the agreement is that we do not want to know/talk about what led to the breakup between our elders… it’s their business, not ours. We just want to get on with making up for lost time and ensuring the children & grandchildren have the opportunity to get to know one another.
    Thanks for another great post, Pauline. Wonder what the “C” qualities will be? 🙂 …
    PS… I love the cat looking into the mirror too, Kristin.


    1. Thanks Catherine. Bravery doesn’t immediately leap to mind but yes, there are many times that we need it. I’m glad you’ve repaired the emotional fences and that you’ve all agreed to let the reasons stay in the past. A case of don’t let the sins of the elders fall on the children? Well done to be brave and open up new cousin horizons for your family.


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