Family History Alphabet: H is for Health and Happiness

Family History AlphabetAlona Tester from Gould Genealogy has proposed a Family History through the Alphabet series over the coming 26 weeks. I decided that my theme would be the Attributes we need as family historians: the skills, experience and talents you bring to your research. This week’s focus is on the letter H.

H is for Health: have you ever considered how family history affects your health?  In my experience family history is great for your mental health because it keeps your brain buzzing and stimulated and gives you the chance to do something you love and be totally absorbed by. Of course there are those occasional days when it challenges your mental health driving you nuts as one lead after the other collapses…all part of the fun.

Yay for genie successes!

Family history is less great for your physical health as you sit hunched over a hot computer pursuing those same leads, or when you’re roaming a cemetery in the rain.  For those who have physical limitations, it also provides an enthralling hobby.

H is for Happiness:  You know…those moments when it all comes together and a problem is solved (even if it then leads to another). Or when you meet a new cousin, or you are given an ancestral photo etc. Cue the genie happy dance J.

13 thoughts on “Family History Alphabet: H is for Health and Happiness

  1. Oh I love it … “hunched over a computer, and roaming cemeteries” … it’s the typical genie-nut isn’t it. And it sure does keep the mind working wondering where on earth you can find that document that will prove it!. 😉


  2. Definitely. I have a very busy job and being “hunched over a computer” or “roaming cemeteries” is such a stress relief………….even when hitting brickwalls!


    1. Totally agree Sharon. When I worked full-time I found family history a total escape from the stresses and demands of the day job…a way to disappear into “me” time.


  3. Yes, it keeps my mind active and lively and happy when I discover new things and make connections but I do worry about the sedentary aspect of it! I’m sure it’s killing me. I need to visit more cemeteries to get out of the chair.


    1. Good idea, Kristin, more cemetery visits and perhaps archive/library visits too. Even though they’re sedentary I’m usually rushing around to get more documents so that keeps me active 🙂


  4. A great post and I had never before thought of the impact on my health. Yes I am hunched over the computer, but in some funny way I find my online family history activities relaxing – though I always have to have my favourite radio station on – Clasic FM. We also need strong knees for getting down to bottom shelves in libraries and archive centres, and for kneeling on damp ground in cemeteries to read monumental inscriptions. Plus good eyesight for trying to decipher the handwriting in old documents. Unfortunately I am failing fast on both accounts! But it does not stop me!


    1. I guess we know when we’ve been on the trail too long and the shoulders seize up 🙂 Strong knees and eyesight are also bonuses though I’m sure my vision is worse for all those old microfilms and fiche I’ve peered at. Agreed, none of this would stop me either!


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