Darwin Fun in the Dry: Photos, Stories and a Laugh

It’s the Dry Season in the Top End and as usual Darwin has been humming with activities, but this month it reaches a crescendo of activity with the Darwin Festival.

August in Darwin is filled with such amazing opportunities: Indigenous singers and performers, international artists, the Aboriginal Art Festival, the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award and exhibition, plus free concerts, cultural displays and markets. Throw in the fighter jets in a multi-nation Operation Pitch Black 12 and the associated Open Day on the RAAF base for all the aircraft junkies in our midst (count me in!).  And for some outdoor fun, a visit to the new waterpark at Palmerston with its huge water slide (scary…eeek!).

We’ve had an excellent few days over the weekend with a flying visit from our daughter  who now lives in Kenya and the fun we’ve packed in as a family having all sorts of “adventures” around town.  It’s great to have all the kids and grandchildren in one place even for a short time. So much excitement in a few days that I was plumb tuckered out last night.

If you’re interested in any/all of the fun and games, why not pop over to my photo blog Tropical Territory and see what’s going on.

And for today’s laugh I share with you a quote from this morning’s world-class (hah!!) newspaper, the NT News: Beyond the quest for gold, silver and blondes in the final days of the Olympics…“.

I kid you not! Well it was in the sports pages, but even so…The story’s theme was the craze for athletes to get Olympic tattoos to celebrate their participation. Aussie swimmer Ryan Napoleon was warning about the need for caution as he’d seen one tatt that said “Oylmpics”. I reckon “I won an Oylmpic blonde” would go one better!

4 thoughts on “Darwin Fun in the Dry: Photos, Stories and a Laugh

  1. What a fun post — fun week you have been having. I would have been right there with you gushing over your Aussie Top Gun! Loved the parks, symphony, Art Retreat — Fun, fun,fun. Also am collecting my supply of Aussie phrases; Top End, bail up, donkey’s years, — and of course, “Oylmpic blonde” — i know a few guys that would think that was A-OK.


    1. Thanks Joan, we have been having a lot of fun. Glad you enjoyed the Top Gun and also that I can help with making you bilingual 🙂 “Bail up” comes from the bushranger days I assume.

      Keep an eye on Tropical Territory with the new posts coming up…I have a swag of pics and stories to add over the coming days.


    1. This IS the NT News….always something to make you roll your eyes. It’s a terrible paper but it will be heaven sent to future genies with its extended obits and funeral notices. A silver lining.


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