Chocolate delights

According to Geneabloggers, today is International Chocolate Day and ties in with the blog hop What’s your Chocolate which was scheduled for Monday 10 September. I only read about this blog hop yesterday on Denise Covey’s L’Aussie Writer blog. I know I’m late but it sounded like too much fun to miss out on.

When I was a child I was told my mother’s grandfather had a chocolate factory. As delectable as that sounded it seemed as likely as a Golden Casket win….or Lotto in today’s “money”.

However sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction and as Stephen Melvin was indeed a confectioner with a factory it seems likely that he did indeed produce chocolates as well as other sweet treats. Unfortunately that was long before my time but can you blame me if I have a genetic claim to a sweet tooth?

As I child my chocolate choice was Cadbury’s with its ubiquitous milk chocolate in a purple metallic wrapper:  the type of choccie factory I imagined my ancestor owning. One of the treats I liked was a chewy bar of minty toffee coated in chocolate called a White Knight and a similar one which had a musk centre, not to mention the popular Clinkers.

Nestles, note – not Nestlé, was the competing company to Cadbury’s and in those distant days it had acquired none of today’s multicultural nuances.  My favourite in their range was their Golden Rough, a round delight of chocolate and coconut. These days all I can taste is the copha…has the recipe changed or my taste buds matured?

Then as a teenager there were Maltesers for the theatre, Jaffas for rolling down the floor at the movies, and the toffee-centred Fantales with their snapshots of movie stardom. Later, when working, I was infamous for my 5pm run to the dispensing machine for a Cherry Ripe (mm, mm) or Bounty (mmm) to go with my Diet Coke: I still maintain the calories should have balanced each other out. There’s a “chocolate+ coconut = yummy” theme emerging here. I loathe Turkish delight chocs and don’t think much more of super-sweet cream fillings with strawberry or orange.

It was when we lived in Papua New Guinea that I acquired a taste for European chocolate. Bizarrely all sorts of Swiss and Belgian delights arrived fresh from across the oceans while the Australian chocolates, and especially Easter eggs, seemed inevitably to be stale with a white coating.

I’ve never really looked back from my luxury chocolate tastes and much prefer these to any other, except perhaps upmarket hand-crafted ones. Do you think that’s my great-grandfather’s inheritance to me?

This blog hop was hosted by M Pax, Laura Eno, Brinda Berry and Ciara Knight. Thanks guys it was fun to have this sweet walk down memory lane.

14 thoughts on “Chocolate delights

  1. My favorite chocolates were Sanders. It was a company that, I believe, only operated in Detroit. We always had a box of the miniatures for Christmas. I don’t think they still make their chocolate. I wonder if it would taste as wonderful as it does in my memory.


  2. My favourite is Cherry Ripe. Mmmm. : )
    I didn’t have a chocolate factory in my ancestry, but instead a hat factory. As a result the dress-up box at my mother’s is resplendent with a large variety of wonderful hats for the grandkids to enjoy!


    1. I’ll fight you for the Cherry Ripes Prue 🙂 Wow a hat factory _ I can imagine how much fun Ms Three would have here and her boy cousins probably wouldn’t be far behind 😉


  3. Sure brings back some memories, Pauleen… Yummm!!! to to White Knight, Golden Rough, Fantales & Cherry Ripe. I also loved/love the Peppermint Crisp, Violet Crumble and a block of Cadbury’s Caramello was just too good 🙂 …
    Never ate their Fruit & Nut again though, after finding worms were enjoying a feed too 😦 …cheeky little blighters!!!


    1. We’re on the same page here Catherine so there’d be competition. I liked Violet Crumble too as a chid and caramello but now find them far too sweet. Have never been a fan of fruit & nut so Mr Cassmob is the loser as he likes the combo. Your worm story reminded me of PNG chocolates -we couldn’t believe how fresh chocs and chips were when we returned.


  4. Your posting brought back my Sweetie Memories. The Saturday evening treat from my father lasted well into my teens, when he bought us all a bar of chocolate – mine was a Fry’s Turkish Delight, my mother’s was Kit Kat and my brother’s a Mars Bar. We always had a Terry’s Chocolate Orange in our Christmas stocking and an chocolate egg at Easter.

    I have to admit to being a chocoholic, though my favourites changed. I have tried them all – Crunchie Bar, Twirl, Twix, Kit Kat, Fry’s Chocolate Cream, Double Decker, Wispa. Aero, Cadbury Flake, Mars Bars, etc, etc, etc. Nowadays I regard with askance paying over 50p. (old 10 shillings/half a pound) for a single small bar. Though I was regularly tempted by those 3 in a pack discount offers in supermarkets.

    I am now taking the view that dark chocolate can be good for you and have turned to the quality products with the aim to just eat one square at time – emphasis on try! Still if I get given a box of chocolates as a present, it does not last too long – just taking one or two and putting the box in a cupboard does not work for me – or my husband – unlike those strong-minded souls who still have chocolate Christmas presents untouched months later.

    And no I don’t regard myself as fat, though I would be a lot slimmer if I cut out chocolate alltogether!


    1. Yes but where would the fun be without chocolate even if slimmer. I admire your goal of one piece at a time. Some days I’m good and others, not so. My daughter when she lived out bush and did her groceries only once a term or max twice, used to have her stash of Tim Tam chocolate biscuits and other treats in the crisper tray (the cupboard not being an option at 30+C)…they’d last her through the term. Such will power!


  5. Such a fun post and so many great comments, Pauleen, that I just can’t keep my “gob shut”. Hope Mr Cassmob never experiences the “crunch” when the wormies get there first
    Kristin, am remembering the YUMMY “kisses” I so loved when living in Seattle, USA. You could pop them up the top of your mouth and they would melt slowly taking you into sublime ecstasy:-) … Can’t remember the name of the maker. (drat)
    Susan and Pauleen, I’m one of those infuriating people who can take “a bite” now and again & was reminded of the time my chn gifted me my adult favourite (Red Tulip – After Dinner Mints) which are individually encased in a paper pocket. I’d have one at a time and one day, to my despair, found they’d all GONE!!!… The paper pockets had been rifled by my chickadees when the temptation became TOO much. We laugh often about their childhood misdemeanors… as I did with my mum 🙂 Thanks for the reminding.
    Finally, I never had the pleasure my bros did of rolling the “jaffas” down the aisle cos I was off at dancing classes being taught to be the “good girl”, my mum hoped for. ha ha ha!


    1. Loved your comments Catherine. Like you I was very much Miss Goody Two Shoes, but the jaffa rolling went on most when we went to movie outings from Pellegrini’s store in the 60s with the seminarians 🙂 I laughed at your little “angels” raiding the chocolate stash….I’m with them.


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