123rd Carnival of Genealogy: Birthday Parties

I’m not a big party person but birthdays are special and always a great reason to celebrate with close friends. My baby book records that I spent my first birthday quietly…which set the theme for others to come I suspect. By my third birthday I had three little friends, Mum and her friend.

My birthday is inconveniently in the midst of our summer holidays and frequently as a child the friend-supply would be a little light on for partying. However my non-holidaying neighbourhood friends would be invited as well as occasionally my cousins. Mum always made delicious cakes and biscuits which was certainly a bonus and we had a good time! I think that’s why to this day I much prefer to have a small gathering of close friends and cringe at the thought of even a medium size group of party-goers.

Pauleen looking cute (!) in blonde curls and a bow. It looks like the 3rd birthday party because it’s the right group of children.

There was one birthday as an adult when I nearly came a social cropper. A friend and work colleague had invited us to a dress-up party celebration. The day rolled round and it all seemed more trouble than it was worth to get gussied up and party on. Social responsibility eventually took over and off we went – only to discover on arrival that it was actually a surprise birthday party for me! How embarrassed would I have been if we hadn’t bothered going?!  We had such a good time that we didn’t get home until the wee hours –something which scandalised our teenaged children and took some living down!

Happy birthday to Jasia whose November birthday inspired this Carnival of Genealogy theme.

22 thoughts on “123rd Carnival of Genealogy: Birthday Parties

    1. Rest assured I don’t remember mine either Kerryn but I was able to connect Mum’s notes on my birthday withnthe right photo…hmm should have put in a pic extract from the baby book.


  1. What a cute little miss with that lovely bow. My Mum loved birthdays and went to so much trouble to make the birthday celebrant feel special. I do remember most of my birthdays, and the great cakes she made us… Cake wasn’t a regular thing, so it was even more special. I followed her with theme parties for my children and now my daughter does the same..

    I’m so glad you went to your own party! 🙂 I would rather host them than have them though…


  2. Really liked the picture of the three-year old Pauleen; liked the story; and most of all I liked adding to my collection of Aussie sayings, like “social cropper.” I would imagine that you too are gathering a collection of colloquialisms from near and far. Fun reading.


  3. Cute is the exactly perfect word, Pauleen! And I would not have had a bit of trouble choosing which little girl was you. Your looks carried through.


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