Family History Alphabet: Z is for

My theme for the Family History through the Alphabet is the Attributes we need as family historians: the skills, experience and talents we need to bring to our research. This week we finally reach the letter Z, a tribute to our persistence in documenting our theme for the Alphabet challenge. Thanks Alona from Gould Genealogy and LoneTester for inspiring us all to do the challenge and commenting on all our posts along the way!!

So here are my final contributions to the diverse attributes of family historians.

Z is for ZEST: The very fact that we’ve all made it through the alphabet proves that we have an enormous zest for what we do as family historians. We may get knocked down by a brick wall, or stumble as we are baffled by one mystery or another, but our sheer zest picks us up and gets us back into the research quarry.

Z is for ZEAL: I think it’s fair to say that along with our zest and enthusiasm, we are filled with zeal in the belief of this great adventure we’re on, to discover our ancestors and their lives. There is the risk that living family members may conclude we’re more zealots than enthusiasts, as we burble on about this or that discovery or mystery. Geneablogging probably stops our zeal just a touch short of zealotry so we can share our discoveries with fellow obsessives hobbyists and save the non-believers from our zealousness.

Some of us are just more zany than others.

Z is for ZANY: I just had to include this attribute which is encapsulated in Ms Skeletons‘ amusing, pertinent and concise posts. Thanks Fiona for enlivening the genealogy blogosphere!

Z if so ZZZZZ: what we’ll all be doing now we’ve finished this great series.

Call back in a few days and I’ll offer you a consolidated view of just how talented you have to be to pursue your family history.

I have had a great time on this alphabet challenge and judging on everyone’s posts, I’d say you all have too. Thanks once again Alona, your idea has been a great success!

As before, images are from Microsoft Office clip art.

12 thoughts on “Family History Alphabet: Z is for

  1. I could not agree more with your comments – it has been such a a great challenge and thank you so much for pointing me in its direction way back at the start. Loved your images too , especially the one for Zest.


  2. Love it! Thanks for the mention 🙂 This series has been delightful, Pauleen. So many attributes we overlook in ourselves. Thanks for all of your posts.


  3. Have loved all you “Attribute” posts Pauleen. Guess that’s because they’ve been so affirming as I’ve begun to recognise many of those qualities, within myself which has enabled me to keep on, keeping on and see this Challenger through from A-Z.
    However, I’d never had made it through without the encouraging comments, either on my blog or in private emails, from so many. Sincere thanks to all, Catherine.


  4. A perfect end to a fabulous collection of attributes of family historians. Congratulations on completing the Alphabet Challenge, and thank you for joining in, your posts have been wonderful and inspiring.

    Stay tuned for an overview post of the Blog Challenge which I’ll do later this week. With that I’ll have some very special images for you to use (if you wish) which are for those that participated and those who completed the Alphabet Challenge. 😀


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