Happy Christmas to one and all

Baby Jesus in mangerIt’s Christmas Eve and we’re all looking forward to a special day tomorrow -especially the littlies…what will do without the bribery of Santa?  I do hope my grandchildren’s little hearts cope with minor disappointments about the precise gift the bearded gentleman, and his helpers, leaves for them.

Is your refrigerator like mine? Jammed to the rafters with good food and treats -and that’s without the goodies the daughters and their families will bring. No room for the drinks which will have to go in an Esky full of ice. We are so very fortunate to be able to look after our families in this way. If you feel that you want to share your good fortune with others, why not join us on the Kiva’s Genealogists for Families team. If you’ve missed someone from your gift list, how about a Kiva gift card?

From my family to yours, in Australia or around the world, may you all have a wonderful happy Christmas with your loved ones.

It’s easy when there is so much seasonal good cheer to remember that others have families who have severe illnesses or deaths to cope with over Christmas. Other people may have family disappointments or fractures to bear while everyone else is celebrating. To them I send my prayers of empathy and support. May you be blessed with the strength to know there will be better times ahead.


Merry Christmas 1

Christmas Lights in Darwin: our 3 yo grandson declared these "just perfect".
Christmas Lights in Darwin: our 3 yo grandson declared these “just perfect”.

11 thoughts on “Happy Christmas to one and all

  1. It is “just perfect” for that’s what your grandson saw, just what he wanted to see… It’s been a year filled to overflowing with all manner of things, the good and the not so good, the sad and the wonderful,the tears and the laughter… yet here we are…blessed with more of life’s riches than so many others and knowing that we don’t go this path alone…

    Thank you for your inspiring posts, whether they were to willingly share your knowledge and experience, so that our way is easier, to share the beauty of your home area as well as that of places you’ve travelled to, share snippets of your family life… or just to have a smile. I, for one, will be back for wherever the journey that is 2013 takes us…

    Merry Christmas to the extended Cassmob and may the New Year see even more dreams come true…


    1. Thank you for your thoughtful and kind comments Chris…it’s the support of my online friends (who really don’t feel virtual at all) that keep me going when it seems a challenge too far. We inspire and enthuse each other. Here’s to 2013 and all it brings…happiness and kindness and a few challenges no doubt. Enjoy your big day tomorrow. Pauleen


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