Fab Feb Photo Collage Festival: Day 27 Christmases Past

4 x 7UP collageAs this series was all about my early years and those of our own family, I had to include some Christmas photos. I’m not going to write much about the different Christmases here because I’ve written extensively about them in the Advent Series a year ago.

So without further ado, here are some family snaps from that period, some not great photographically but good family memories. I’ve substituted the collage photo with a similar one with both girls in it.

Xmas delight
Xmas delight

Miss-Nearly-Three and the joy of seeing the Christmas tree in all its glory.

Peter Louisa Rach open presents Xmas 1973

This year the Xmas tree was a casuarina.
This year the Xmas tree was a casuarina.

The little one was very miserable with an ear ache for her first Christmas -we had to put them in the car and go for a drive to settle her down. Poor possum. If you’re wondering why all the long sleeves and jumpers, it’s because Goroka is at an altitude of 1600m or 5249ft, so it can be chilly overnight and in the morning.

Louisa and Rach Xmas pres 1977 or 76

And then we moved on to a gum tree (eucalyptus)
And then we moved on to a gum tree (eucalyptus)

Apparently by the end of our stay in Moresby we had bought the artificial tree which we kept for many years, but first there was the gum tree version.

The clowns were presents from my parents.

That same year Mr Cassmob excelled himself (with a little help from Mrs Claus) in the making of a dolls’ house. It was a good home for the Fisher Price dolls!

This is the house that Mr Cassmob (aka Santa) built.
This is the house that Mr Cassmob (aka Santa) built.

Fab Feb imageFamily Hx writing challengeThis post is part of the February Photo Collage Festival and the Family History Writing Challenge.

8 thoughts on “Fab Feb Photo Collage Festival: Day 27 Christmases Past

  1. A lovely gathering of memories… love the doll’s house. I hope the girls remember it as much as I do he table and chairs that my Santa (Dad) made me so many years ago… he’s forgotten all about it, but how I loved that set. Wish I could remember what happened to it, though I suspect it was one of many things my mother thought someone else needed more. 😉


    1. Chris I suppose what counts is that Santa made something for a special little girl, who holds it in her memory even now. Mothers are a pest like that aren’t they 😉


    1. To be honest Kristin I don’t know what happened to it. My guess is that we gave it to someone before we left PNG which might be odd as this was the Xmas before we left. Perhaps we brought it back to Australia and then later it was passed on…will have to see if Peter or the girls remember.


    1. Thanks Alex, we thought it was a bit basic but the girls loved it too. Sounds like there has been some good parents out there in terms of dolls houses. 🙂 When it came to our granddaughter’s we just went to Target 🙂


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