Sepia Saturday 172: A hiking we will go

2013.03W.34This week’s Sepia Saturday 172 image features some enthusiastic hikers setting off for time in the countryside. The image opens the floodgates of opportunity for hiking, camping and outdoor pursuits. Although I’ve a number of the latter, not so many of the former, still I’m going with hiking just because a couple came to mind.

This one of a friend, my Dad and me on an excursion to Brisbane’s outer bush suburbs.Somehow Dad’s cheery wave reminded me of the Sepia Saturday photo, though I can’t say I look that cheery -or was it that I was looking into the sun.

Hiking and picnicing at Brookfield.
Hiking and picnicing at Brookfield.


I’ve always liked this photo, not because it’s a winner in the photographic category but for the memories it evokes. It shows my parents climbing the steep hill through the rocks from Rocky Bay on Magnetic Island where we holidayed regularly when I was a child, taking the long (1 day, 2 nights) train trip from Brisbane to Townsville then across by ferry. You can read a little of why I loved these holidays so much here and here.

Norman Kunkel at Rocky Bay

I also love this photo of my Dad standing on one of the big rocks for which Rocky Bay is named.

Guide camp and hike

Another oldie is this one of some of my Girl Guide mates on a bush hike. Everyone looks a bit tired don’t you think? Or disinclined to have their photo taken?

8 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday 172: A hiking we will go

  1. As usual, I enjoy your family photos — and the Australian countryside. I did relate to the Girl Guide picture. Although, I don’t have any pictures of my Girl Scout hikes, I did recognize the “collapsed by the side of the road” look. Good memories.


    1. Good to see you back on deck Joan and I hope you’re slowly getting back into life. I think all of us who were in Guides would have that “collapsed” feeling in common. You might be interested in the current series of A to Z posts on the Northern half of Australia over on my Tropical Territory blog this month….if you have time or else keep them in mind for the future. Cheers Pauleen Tropical Territory


  2. I visited Magnetic Island 25 years ago, and I remember being disappointed that swimming was restricted to a small area surrounded by nets because of the stingers (box jellyfish) – I wasn’t impressed, but the days after that spent diving on the Great Barrier Reef more than made up for it..


    1. hi Brett, yes that’s one of the limitations throughout the north -I guess we just take it for granted. Darwin is worse because we don’t even have nets…our tides are too extreme. Glad you enjoyed the reef though 🙂


  3. I look you are smiling slightly in the photo with your Dad waving. Maybe you were wishing you’d brought a knapsack for the food you’re carrying.


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