Sepia Saturday 173: Vegetarians beware

Sepia Saturday 173I can’t believe I almost forgot last weekend’s Sepia Saturday when I had just the photos for it! Comes of dealing with technical problems I guess.

Borough markets1

A couple of years ago my husband and I were able to visit London and actually spent some time sightseeing rather than just doing family history. One of our “discoveries” was the joys of the Borough Markets. Now I’m sure this is old hat to my English readers but what a great time we had looking at all the produce, much of it so different from what we have here, and definitely fresher than a lot we get. The colours and the arrangements were just gorgeous and so photogenic. It was also incredibly cold that morning too, so we actually drank a mulled wine and followed up with a curry at some ridiculously early hour!.

At the Borough Markets
At the Borough Markets

Now I’m not vegetarian – I’m one of those food hypocrites who likes to pretend their meat just appears on Styrofoam trays in the supermarket. But even I couldn’t resist these images of freshly delivered critters. My foodie daughter has no such qualms -she’ll happily look at young lambs gambolling in the field and think how delicious they’ll taste.

Paddock to plate.
Paddock to plate.

I know rabbits can be a pest, and they certainly are here having been imported for hunting by nostalgic British settlers, but they are oh so cute, as well as delicious when cooked. I have a delicious homemade Italian rabbit ragu at a restaurant I like in Brisbane whenever it’s available, and I’m in town.


Ditto the ducks with their gorgeous heads still vibrantly coloured. Peking Duck anyone?

Ducks and pheasants

Not only did we have a fabulous time at the markets we were able to have an interlude visiting the adjacent Southwark Cathedral, St Saviour’s, where Mr Cassmob’s ancestors were married. One of the ushers looked appalled when I said it had a modern feel, I suppose quite rightly given its age, but what I liked about it was its simplicity of line.

St Saviours interior

I can feel a series of photos coming up about our travels on my Tropical Territory blog once I get through the April A to Z challenge.

Borough markets2

6 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday 173: Vegetarians beware

  1. A very good match for the theme.
    You reminded me that I have photos of a beast (really not sure what it is..perhaps donkey) hanging out the front of a Cairo butcher in 40 degree heat with flies swarming!


    1. Eeew, can’t say that sounds appealing but would be a good one for this theme. I remember when we went to Greece in the 70s and were astonished to find the meat markets open to the air.


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