Sepia Saturday 204: Royalty and Ceremony Business

This week’s Sepia Saturday 204 features royalty doing what is their core business: turning on a ceremony. It also ties to the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination.Sepia Saturday 204

My photos this week come from our personal collection from our time in Papua New Guinea during the 1970s. When I look at these photos now, what strikes me forcibly is the apparent lack of security. We could get within a very close distance of them without any hassle. It also impresses me in this day and age, that they are courageous enough to move through the crowds with minimal security where other world leaders have constant high security protection from the crowds who might want to see them.

Queen and family GKA 1974 copy
Queen Elizabeth II on arrival at Goroka airport, February 1974. Prince Philip, Capt Mark Phillips and Lord Louis Mountbatten near vehicle. Scout groups were highly profiled during this visit.

Queen Elizabeth II and her family visited Goroka in the PNG highlands in February 1974 while we were living there. She did various “meet and greet” activities and inspected a huge crowd of PNG nationals at the Show Grounds before travelling to Port Moresby. I also wrote about this visit in an A to Z post, using the same photo.

Queens Visit GKA Princess Anne and Mountbatten
Princess Anne, Capt Mark Phillips and Lord Louis Mountbatten in Goroka 1974

The other reason this feature photo has relevance to the theme is that it includes Lord Louis Mountbatten who was assassinated six years later when an Irish Republican Army (IRA) bomb was planted in his fishing boat.

Queens visit GKA
Capt Phillips, Barry Holloway MP, Prince Philip,Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth II, Goroka 1974.

Barry Holloway was the local member of Parliament and later Minister for Finance.

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22 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday 204: Royalty and Ceremony Business

  1. As you say – so trusting with what appears to be so little security, but it worked out all right, thank goodness. Wonderful pictures!


    1. Yes it was quite amazing Boobook, as was much of PNG. The royals may have found these more unusual colonial tours of greater interest than the bread-and-butter ones like Oz.


    1. One of our recent Australian prime ministers used to walk daily with one of his security detail, but we don’t have the history of risk to our senior politicians that you guys do, so Truman was also quite courageous. I guess the world is just a different place these days. Pauleen


  2. I enjoyed your unusual take on this week’s theme. It must take courage for world leaders to move around, knowing that despite all security an assassin may be waiting for an opportunity to kill. .


  3. Remarkable contrast between low-security and high-security. The need for such protection makes me wonder why anyone would even want to be the leader of a country.


  4. Hi Cass,
    I am just wondering if you have some other pictures. I am from PNG and am actually trying to find a picture of my uncle who was the Queens chauffeur during this visit into Goroka. Its something I am proud of my uncle but don’t have any photo or picture to keep as a memory. I hope you have something. My email address is should you need it. Very good pictures though.



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