Book of Me: Voice and Vision

Book of meJulie Goucher’s Book of Me, Written by You has been very popular, with many people responding to every prompt. I confess I’ve fallen by the wayside over the weeks for one reason or another. Some weeks ago prompt 49 was Voice and Julie’s questions were:

Describe your voice
Perhaps include an electronic recording of your voice reciting a poem or reading a piece of writing. Maybe even this prompt response.
Do you have recordings of other family members?

I had in mind that I might be able to get one of my geneafriends or a family member to interview me, after being inspired by Kristin’s interview with her sister on Finding Eliza.

You Tube clip1_edited-1As you know I’m an official blogger and also a speaker at Congress 2015. Fellow genimate, Jill Ball did a Google Hangout interview with me as part of our plan to speak to the speakers and it dawned on me this would be an ideal response to Prompt 49 on voice. Even better, assuming it survives the rapid technological changes that come along, my descendants might be able to see and hear me, many years in the future as I talk about my life’s passion for family history.

baby sleepHowever, for a little personal commentary on my voice: as you hear on the video (in case it doesn’t survive) it’s quite deep and at times can be a bit “gritty”. It’s very common for people to call me “sir” on the phone, which annoys me no end as you might imagine! I can’t sing for nuts, though I know the tune and words, so now I don’t even try….even in the shower. I certainly don’t try to get my grandchildren to sleep by singing to them – that’s guaranteed to give them nightmares, and they do tend to give me strange looks.  It’s a shame really as I’d have liked to continue my mother’s tradition of singing “Tura lura lural…that’s an Irish lullaby” to them.

I did try to interview various close family members over the years to no avail. I guess most of us don’t like to listen to our own voices. Back in the eighties though I was lucky to be able to record the reminiscences of Anne Kunkel, granddaughter to my earliest Aussie Kunkels, as she told me about life on the farm and in Murphy’s Creek.


4 thoughts on “Book of Me: Voice and Vision

    1. It’s just not fair is it Kerryn? It must be such a pleasure to be really able to sing. I used to sing a little around the place but in recent years my voice has gone “to pot” as they say.


  1. I can see you on the clip, but I can’t get the sound to work so sadly I can’t comment on your voice. I do, however, sympathise with you re the singing. I can’t put two notes together – although I wish I could.


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