Meet Congress 2015 Speaker: Jenny Joyce

Jenny JoyceLet me introduce you today to Jenny Joyce, another of the Australian speakers at Congress 2015 in Canberra. I’m looking forward to meeting Jenny in person at Congress, as well as following her advice about tips for genies. Her three talks will have lots to offer fellow family historians from beginner to experienced.

I wonder if you could tell us a little about your background?  Are you a genealogist, researcher, historian or representing your organisation?  

I have been researching my family history since I was a teenager, inspired by the stories my grandmother told me about HER grandparents. After many years working in IT I now work as a professional genealogist, and I am currently one of the Vice Presidents of the Ku-ring-gai Historical Society. I am also a committee member of their Family History Group, and in that role I often run sessions at our monthly meetings, either teaching or showing our members aspects of genealogy.

How has genealogy/family history/history/heraldry improved or changed your life?

I don’t know that I can say it has changed or improved my life, since I have been doing it for so long, but it has helped define who I am and where I come from.  I feel that we are very much the product of our upbringing and experiences, and that in turn is influenced by our parents’ upbringing and influences, and so on going right back. Thus I feel that in some way I am the sum of all my ancestors.

What do you love most about genealogy/family history/history/heraldry?

The challenge of unravelling the puzzles and being able to connect events in history to people I am researching.

 Have you attended  Congress in previous years?

Yes, I was at the Adelaide Congress in 2012.

 What are your key topics for Congress?

I will be giving three talks – one on the (UK) House of Commons Parliamentary papers, another on the UK Gazettes, and the third will be about wills in England (and Wales) and Ireland.

How do you think your topic/s will help the family historians at Congress 2015?

I think that these talks will introduce some very useful and under-used resources to the attendees, which they will find very beneficial to their research.

What do you think are the benefits of attending a large conference like this, for you personally and for others attending?

The benefits fall into two categories.  First, congress is a wonderful learning opportunity and a chance to hear overseas speakers that you might otherwise not be able to hear, and the other aspect is the chance to meet or renew a friendship with so many like-minded people, who themselves may have suggestions to help your research.

Do you have a favourite piece of advice or a tip or trick you can share with conference attendees?

Talk to as many different people as you can whenever you get the opportunity

Is there somewhere we can connect with you online?


Twitter: @JennyAJoyce



Thanks Jenny for sharing your story with us, and letting us know a little more about your Congress talks and tips.

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