RootsTech here I come

Sitting in the Brisbane International airport lounge I can now believe I’m on my way to RootsTech 2015. It was interesting experiencing the new international digital check-in system ….practice for the U.S. no doubt.

I have been looking at everyone’s preparation lists and have ticked most of them…forgot to tell the bank.

It will be exciting to meet new people and get together with fellow bloggers. I’m sure at times the sheer scale of the thing will be a bit overwhelming with all the razzmatazz.

This is just a trial post to see how I go using the iPad to post. you’ll be hearing more from me once FGS and RootsTech starts. meanwhile I’ll be at the Family History library …every genie’s dream.

7 thoughts on “RootsTech here I come

  1. Welcome to these United States! We just spent a week in SLC at the Library. Very busy but easy to find everything. Take lots of flash drives as the imaging machines are a joy to use. In a week we [just 2 of us] collected over 600 images. We have already started a list for next year. Oh and we only have 49 weeks to process everything we found this year!


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