A blogging “drought”

sad-151795_640I’ve been AWOL lately leaving my blog crying for attention. Unfortunately my mind is completely focused on getting our Darwin house sold and thinking about our proposed move interstate. The same level of obsessiveness I bring to family history has been brought to bear on housing matters.

Having to have everything squeaky clean and spic and span, for our open houses and random inspections, means the study has been cleared of most of my references books, the laptop frequently in its carry bag, and never has my computer desk looked so tidy for more than five minutes! It’s all a deterrent to the usual spread of papers, scribble pads etc that surround me as I research and write. I’ve never aimed to be a Domestic Goddess but that seems to be my current role…who knows I may get used to the decluttered, downsized, super-clean look…or not.

It’s not as if I don’t have lots of “bitty” jobs that I could do to get myself up to date before I tackle bigger tasks later in the year. These include:

  • Scanning more of my note books
  • Tagging and labelling all my photos and checking their in appropriate folders
  • Reviewing my computer folders overall
  • Reviewing long texts I’ve written on some of my families and annotating them with “to follow up” notes
  • Scanning more documents from my hard-copy folders of purchased archive documents or certificates
  • Follow up blog comments and leads
  • Searching new releases of newspapers from Find My Past and Trove
  • Writing shorter posts for my Irish blog

So really there’s no shortage of jobs I could do, is there? I just need to switch focus and get the laptop out of the bag as soon as each inspection is over. Maybe having this checklist here will help motivate me.

motivation 08-07-55-479_640

13 thoughts on “A blogging “drought”

  1. I feel for you……….I am missing blogging but life is just so busy at the moment!

    I would like to have time to go through my Genealogy “to do” list or even to do house work (maybe not!). Think I need to re-prioritise and re-organise myself 🙂

    Hope that you sell and resettle soon!

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    1. It’s more the roller coaster of ambiguity rather than the spick and span Judy. Market is very quiet here so offers are slower…fingers crossed though.


  2. An occasional blog from you is always welcome… and your to do lists are always impressive! I am amazed at the level engagement you maintain in all things genealogical when I think of the stress of seeing a house and moving!

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  3. Good to get a new post from you, Pauleen – but I’m sure we all know what it’s like when there’s too much going on, even to find time for blogging. Moving house is stressful!

    When the house is sold we’ll still be here… One thing at a time, and soon you’ll be back genea-obsessing. Good luck with the sale.

    I’m not sure how I’d feel without my beloved genealogy stuff all around me. Tidy but weird?

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