A to Z 2016: a Family History Journey

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After much deliberation I’ve decided to once again participate in the April A to Z challenge, despite having been in the blogging doldrums for some time, largely thanks to a relocation interstate and then internet challenges.

I participated in the A to Z Challenge in 2012 when I wrote about the places of importance to my family on this blog and in 2013 when my theme was places in Australia’s Tropical North and some Aussie vernacular. In 2014 I decided to take time out and as I’ve mentioned 2015 simply got away from me.

So what’s my theme to be this year? Well it won’t surprise my regular readers that it’s about how to pursue an interest in family history, or genealogy as its often known. I hope to show a balanced perspective between online research and offline, and how to be ethical in your research.

I hope it will be of some interest to readers, and will either encourage some to join the genea-addicted, but I’m also nervous it may frighten the daylights out of you <smile>.


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