An Object-ive view of family history: It’s not just “stuff” or junk

I rarely re-blog earlier blog posts but having just “rediscovered” this one myself, it’s a good reminder to consider our family artefacts.

One of Richard Reid’s comments during Shamrock was to the effect that family historians search for meaning and information on their ancestors among the documents held in various repositories but ig…

Source: An Object-ive view of family history: It’s not just “stuff” or junk

8 thoughts on “An Object-ive view of family history: It’s not just “stuff” or junk

  1. Great reminder. It was unfortunate that because of circumstances I had to give away some family pieces (furniture mostly) but I have some smaller ones. One is my grandmother’s wedding ring, my Mom had it shaped into a heart on a necklace and gave it to me for Christmas one year. I treasure it and wear it always!
    I don’t have much storage room but my daughter has a huge house so I keep giving stuff to her to hang on to. LOL. Thank heaven all my kids and most grandkids are interested in their ancestors.

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    1. Dianne, you have just given me a great idea as to what to do with my mother in law’s ring, which is broken. I know that it would be more acceptable to wear it as a heart on a chain, rather than as a ring. Thank you for this idea.

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  2. Thanks DIanne. Yes we can’t keep everything and there are days I wish I had fewer of my grandparents’ furniture pieces but was thrilled to get the gramaphone recently and my grandmother’s Singer sewing machine (she was a dressmaker).

    What a wonderful idea to have the ring made into a heart…I love it and something special to hand down.

    Lucky to have kids with big houses 🙂

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  3. Objects such as my mother’s camphor-wood desk (thanks to my nephew for looking after this for us for so many years), and my aunt’s camphor-wood chest, now passed on to our daughter. They are constant memories.

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