Tuesday Memories: the wicker chair

Somehow Monday passed me by in a flurry of Irish research…I really need to pre-program some Monday Memories posts. Today I’m just going to share with you some photos of a family heirloom which is now with my eldest daughter. Among her photos is also one of my granddaughter taken in the same chair. I really think that I have one of DD1 in it as well…but where?

Dad as a small boy in the chair with his parents Dinny & Kit.

Dennis, Catherine & Norman Kunkel crop

This photo of Dad and his cousin Belle may have been taken on the same day. I have the little wicker rocker, which I played with as a child.

Norman & cousin Belle

Dad as a young man in the chair with his mum, in the late 1930s/early 40s.

norman and kit in chair

Yours truly as an infant in the chair with my Mum.

Pauleen & Joan Jan-Feb 1949

No chance that the chair would cope with someone sitting on the arms now, but it has survived 90+ years so it’s doing well.

All these photos were taken at my grandparents’ house, which was next door to ours, and was my second home. You can read my story about it here.




6 thoughts on “Tuesday Memories: the wicker chair

  1. What a teaser Pauleen! I want more please. 🙂 Obviously the chair did not normally reside on the front lawn – I would imagine its normal abode was the veranda? So why was it brought down for so many photos? Is there a story behind the purchase or acquirement of the chair? We had a small cane chair that my brother and I used as children – he still has it and I bought a similar one for my son and other children and my grandson used it in turn. I can well understand the attachment.

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    1. Funnily enough I don’t accurately remember but since it didn’t live inside, yes, it probably was on the wide Queenslander’s verandah. I wonder if mum knows…something to ask. It now lives in my daughter’s bedroom. Interesting that you had a small one too. I was sure I had a photo of DD1 in it so will have to hunt that down and get a copy of my granddaughter in it too.


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