Beyond the Internet

During my presentation at the Gold Coast Conference, Footsteps in Time, I used dot points to provide way finders for offline research.

These are the points listed during the talk, by life heading.

Please note this file is copyrighted to me and cannot be reproduced elsewhere.

Beyond the internet checklist 2 of 2017

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16 thoughts on “Beyond the Internet

  1. Thank you Pauleen for your presentation today. It was most enjoyable and has lots of good tips and advice for further research.


  2. Yes a great summary of what we should all be looking for – as many docs as we can to know as much about our ancestors as possible. Thanks Pauleen.


  3. With so much online nowadays, its easy (and lazy?) to overlook other resources. Although I do wish that much more of those you mention actually exist and/ or are available in Ireland in particular, e.g school days. A wonderful checklist that I will refer to again and again! 🙂

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