Missing RootsTech 2018?

20170209_213018It’s that time of the year when those who are #NotatRootsTech feel the deprivation of fun, learning and seeing their genimates. This year there are attendees from many (40-50) countries as well as all of the states of the USA. Among them are many of my Facebook friends, blogging friends, and genimates I’ve met in person at RootsTech in 2015 or 2017. So it’s fair to say I’m #MissingRootsTech.

However, it’s not all sad news for those of us still at home. We can take advantage of technology to learn more about topics of interest. How do we do that?

  1. Go to the RootsTech app on either Google Play or Apple App Store. It’s great for those attending, but those at home can also benefit. Check out the talks you’re interested in, and most will provide handouts. You can download these wherever you are and save them to your tablet, laptop, Pocket or Evernote. A great chance for learning!
  2. Some of the sessions are being live-streamed. This means you can watch them in your pyjamas – pretty much what we’ll be doing Down Under given the time zone differences. I’ve put a cheat-sheet with some Aussie time conversions here.
  3. Follow your genimates on social media including Facebook and Twitter where they’ll be using the hashtag #RootsTech. Try not to go green with envy.
  4. If you’re heading off to the AFFHO Congress 2018 in Sydney next week you’ll have the chance to pick the memories of those who have headed home straight from Salt Lake.
  5. Meanwhile read your favourite blogs and see what they’re saying. GeniAus is our local talent and the first Aussie to venture to RootsTech when it started.

    Down Under attendees at RootsTech 2017.
  6. Revisit the RootsTech site after the event finishes, as at least some of the presentations are recorded even if they’re not live-streamed. You can see some from earlier years here.
  7. Maybe add RootsTech to your Bucket List and then you’ll get to go to that genealogy mecca, the Family History Library. The registration is very reasonable thanks to the scale and the sponsors. It’s the airfares that can be the stumbling block for many from Down Under.

20170210_114235The sheer scale of RootsTech has to be seen to be believed, especially for those of us from Down Under. The masses of people (25,000!), the variety of exhibitors and the super-deals that are on offer.

Then there’s blogger beads and promotional ribbons from all sorts. Never mind, at least those who are coming to Congress won’t miss out on blogger beads which are being donated by Alona from Lone Tester and Jill from GeniAus and several of us have had ribbons printed. See me if you’re a Queenslander (or have predominantly Qld research), a member of Genealogists for Families or you’re a Geneablogger Down Under.

The sheer scale of the exhibition hall is more apparent when it’s empty.

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