D is for Daulo Pass

AtoZ2019DThis series of blog posts is part of the A to Z 2019 Blogging Challenge in which I will write snapshot memories of my early married life in the then Territory of Papua New Guinea.

Daytrips from Goroka in our first car, the yellow Datsun

Roads in the Highlands limited, daytrip opportunities few

Often up the narrow twisting road to Daulo Pass

Cliffs on one side, mountain drops on the other

Trucks choosing the middle path require

Steady nerves to hold your own path.

Kaye and Louisa and Pauleen Daulo Pass PNG 1972
Taking the in-laws up Daulo – the road twisting in the background. Sorry about the shortness of my skirt Kaye…yes, culturally inappropriate.

Higher than Mt Kosciuszko at 2474m (8117ft)

Vastly different in geography

Pauleen and Louisa picnic past Daulo 1971
Picnic at Chuave – the other side of Daulo Pass. Young mum with chubba bubba discovering grass.

Family and friends visiting were given the “grand tour”.

Returning one day we were confronted by

Warriors with spears, arrows and axes

Luckily they were on a mission for payback

Not interested in us….whew!

Tok Pisin

Diwai – timber

Didiman – government agricultural officer

Kid’s rhymes

What kind of work does the didiman do, the pig says oink and the cow says moo.

or my husband’s version which he thinks is a Gerehu Primary School variation from our kids…

What kind of work does the didiman do, the horse says quack and the  pig says moo.

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