Meet the Speaker: Stephanie Ryan

Stephanie-RYAN-1-225x300In the coming weeks Ambassadors for the Waves in Time 2019 conference will be introducing you to the speakers. You’ll get to learn a little about them, their expertise and what they will be sharing at the conference.

Today’s featured speaker is Stephanie Ryan from the State Library of Queensland.

I wonder if you could tell us a little about your background?  Are you a genealogist, researcher, historian or representing your organisation?  

I have been a librarian specialising in family history at the State Library for 23 years.

What do you love most about genealogy/family history/history/heraldry? 

The challenge of resolving a mystery and the opportunity to assist people find something of value to them.

Have you attended a History Queensland Conference in previous years?

The last two conferences.

How do you think your topic/s will help the family & local historians at the Waves in Time Conference?

The options for finding ‘lost’ 1860s’ immigrants may assist those who have been continually frustrated in their search during this period.

Do you have a favourite piece of advice or a tip or trick you can share with conference attendees?

Explain what you really want to know, what you have checked and with what result. Do not just ask for a resource; there may be better ways to do it.
It lessens the risk of being told what you already know.

What do you think are the benefits of attending a large conference like this, for you personally and for others attending?

Great to catch up with friends. Wonderful opportunity to update knowledge.

If you could pick one new project to do, what would it be? (Assuming no funding issues)

Digitisation of newspapers (all parts) up to the present and publicly available.

Thanks Stephanie for sharing your story. I know I’m looking forward to learning more from about the “lost” 1860s immigrants as I have a few I’d like to find. I’m sure we all join her in wishing every single newspaper could be digitised.

If you haven’t already registered for Waves in Time 2019, remember the clock is ticking. Even if you can’t join us for the whole conference perhaps you’d like to learn more by visiting the Friday fare. Check the program out here, and register here.

Disclaimer: As a Waves in Time Ambassador I receive a free registration in return for promoting the conference in various social media forums and on my blog.

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