Lufa Ramblings

AtoZ2019LThis series of blog posts is part of the A to Z 2019 Blogging Challenge in which I will write snapshot memories of my early married life in the then Territory of Papua New Guinea.

Weekend drives to Lufa

Down the Highlands Highway with the family

Spectacular scenery

Lufa Rd

Mountains rise to the side

As we journey through the valley.

Returning one day

I learn the reality of a skid

No longer just theory

Luckily not on a mountain cliff.

Peter and Louisa Highland picnic PNG 1971Picnics with friends

Or just the kids

Spread the straw mat

Lay out food and coffee

As if by magic

We draw a crowd of locals

To observe this strange custom.


Highlands village nr Lufa

The Highlands can look empty –

Until you stop.

Small local villages

Enclosed by banis[i]

Seem designed to repel invaders

Round huts with thatched roofs

Lufa kids
Kids from the village near Lufa.

Built to keep in the heat

Smoke filters through and merges

With pig grease spread on the skin

Protects from the Highland weather

And gives that distinctive fragrance

Children curious about our passing.

An historic purchase from the co-op

Louisa SP Box 1972 Goroka
A beer carton and a bilum – what more does a small girl need. Perhaps an heirloom rug? Check out those 70s curtains!

The large grey Lufa woollen rug

Features in our home and

Will become a family heirloom

Its value in the memories it brings.

The perfect climate

Close to the equator but with altitude

Warm, not hot, in the day

Cool, if not chilly in the nights

Knitting rediscovered

As I craft children’s woollies.

Some memories are only snapshots

Jogged by a photo we took

Other details have become simply

A blank space in my mind after other experiences

Mipela lapun tru (I’m an old person)

Luckily two memories can be better than one.

Tok Pisin:

long long – crazy

lapun – old person

laik – like/want

laplap – like a sarong around the waist

liklik – little


[i] Banis is Pidgin for fence

13 thoughts on “Lufa Ramblings

  1. I like the idea of these little “snapshot” memories. I should try that because sometimes writing a complete story is either boring or overwhelming. That first photo with the clouds – gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The thing that’s been overwhelming Wendy is finding so many photos I’ve scanned. I plainly need to do a LOT of sorting…and I thought I’d been methodical. Sigh.


  2. Beautiful pictures of Lufa.. reminds me of home. I am from Eastern Highlands by the way Kainantu more precisely don’t know if you have any old pictures of Kainantu, Aiyura maybe Yonki?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Bob. I may have a couple in Kainantu…I know we visited there. My husband visited more places through his work. I’ll ask him about Aiyura and Yonki…I recognise the names but never visited.


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