The Queen visits Goroka

AtoZ2019QThis series of blog posts is part of the A to Z 2019 Blogging Challenge in which I will write snapshot memories of my early married life in the then Territory of Papua New Guinea.

Misis Kwin I kam long Goroka

Na sindaun na lukluk nabaut[i]

Visitors come to Goroka to see one another

Tribal and royal


Queens visit Goroka 1974

Queen Elizabeth II, Mr Bernie Borok (Associate District Commissioner), Prince Philip.

Misis Kwin na man bilong en, Prince Philip

Princess Anne and Mark Phillips

Lord Louis Mountbatten.

Queens Visit GKA Anne Hubby and Mountbatten
Unknown, Princess Anne, Capt Mark Phillips, Lord Louis Mountbatten at Goroka airport.

A small town means

Minimal security

Despite spears and arrows.

We see the royals up close

At the airport, in town

And at the tribal gathering.

Paparazza Pauleen

Wields her camera.

The tribes gather en masse

Their feathered finery impresses

Queens visit GKA
Capt Mark Phillips, Barry Holloway (government Minister and MLA for the Eastern Highlands), Princess Anne at rear, Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II at the Goroka Showgrounds

As they provide an honour guard

A little different from the bearskins

Of the Royal Guard at Buckingham Palace.

We wonder –

Were both groups bemused

One by a woman as boss?

The other by the primitive sights?

Tok Pisin

Pidgin doesn’t have words which begin with Q.

Queen – Misis Kwin






[i] The Queen came to Goroka and stopped to look around.AtoZ2019Q

17 thoughts on “The Queen visits Goroka

  1. Fans of the Queen wiould be so jealous of how close you got for the photos. I found the dresses interesting. Today’s dresses the Queen wears are typically one colour and more formal / tailored not floral, soft and a less formal style.


  2. Awesome photos again thanks. My uncle who is still living to this day actually was the chauffeur – the designated driver for her majesty Queen Elizabeth II during that visit. Unfortunately he has no photo’s to show of him driving the Queen around though he proudly shares this stories with all his children and grand children to this day. I was around 3 years old when she visited Goroka. I have checked some of the photo’s you have shared hoping to catch my uncle but nothing so far. Despite all am proud of my uncle.. am sure there may be a photo of him somewhere with the Queen.


    1. Wow!! What a great story Bob! I will keep an eye out to see if I have any more photos which might include him. I have some outside the Goroka Hotel where she was staying, but where are they.. ?


  3. My great grand mother was one of the first woman to represent her people to become a show committee and was awarded a silver jubilee Medal and Certificate from Queen Elizabeth ii on the first opening of Goroka show. I have no idea of how she looks but wish to see photos of her if there are some out there. Her name is Yuwaina Gonimo.


  4. My grade grand, Mother MRS,YUWAINA GONIMO, was awarded the medel and certificates with reference from Mr.JIM TAYLOR.K.Mr.MADERSEN A.B.Mr, BLACK H.P.I.Queen Representatives.on the 6 Day of February 1952.leased my Natives Land to Goroka Show Ground.Now in possession of the National Sports Institute.but the Governor General did not regonise us…why..I hold on the medel and certificates to day please can you assist me… to high commission.please with do your respect…


  5. Am still holding on to my Great Grand mother late Mrs YUWAINA GONIMO… Imperial Medal with the certificates… please can anyone help me…or assist me to return it…or Show all the Original Portraits… please Am in PNG.. Goroka District Eastern Highlands Province..Kama Clean, Zagomazuha Community/Monotuka Village… contact me on my phone number.Dawa Harry… Last Legacy Inheritance Portraits from my great grandmother…#72241178.Digicel For your information Fell Free to contact me and Speakings to me… above address… GOD BLESS…


    1. Sorry I can’t help you with this but if the medal and certificates were given to your great-grandmother they are allowed to stay with your family. They are special family “treasures” to keep for years to come.


  6. Harry,

    This is a blog. Someone here is writing her memories of Goroka and Papua New Guinea.

    The Lands Department here in Goroka are right people to help with your queries.

    Thank you


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