Remembering the Prisoners of War

I wrote this to commemorate Remembrance Day 2020 in Australia, a day when we reflect on the service and sacrifices of those who went to war. Somehow I forgot to post it at the time so I’ve decided to just go ahead and submit it now.

Rather than write a new post I thought I’d reshare a series of stories written a few years ago about my mother’s cousin, Hugh Moran, who was a Prisoner of War in Poland during World War II. These men had a torrid time which tends to be known mainly to their families. Our national narrative likes to focus more on the stories of heroes and their success as if these men somehow ”failed”. Their stories deserve far more recognition.

A Family Anzac: Private Hugh Moran Part I

A Family ANZAC: Pte Hugh Moran

Pte Hugh Moran POW: in his own words

The determination and courage of these men during their captivity and through the Long March while malnourished, sick and freezing have inspired me in my own life in recent months.

Lest we forget.

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