Kangaroo Island Glories

This is the next instalment of my Special Moments, Magic Memories series for the 2022 A to Z Blog Challenge.

Kangaroo Island bewitches us

Peaceful beaches with snow white sand.

Pelicans, gannets and oyster catchers

Outnumber human visitors.

We revel in our solitary exuberance.

© Pauleen Cass 2009

Strange shaped rock formations

And fierce promontories

Protected by retired lighthouses.

A beach at first glance

Looking like a sea lion graveyard

Is a haven for relaxation, noisy and smelly

Mothers, babies, arguing adults.

Wineries and New Age gift shops

Cafes with treats and views.

Aussie tree-blossoms flavour honey

Produced by pure Ligurian bees.

The island’s name belied

Nary a roo, wallaby or koala do we see.

An “overseas” holiday closer to home

No visa, insurance or passport sounds appealing.

© Pauleen Cass 2009

Have you visited South Australia’s Kangaroo Island? What was your favourite experience?

Does your family have a favourite holiday place for beaches and nature?

15 thoughts on “Kangaroo Island Glories

    1. It’s the kind of place you can revisit and just chill out isn’t it. You’re right about the distance but I’d forgotten that. Maybe because we’d driven from Darwin to Tassie and then to KI (ferries included of course).

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  1. Never been to your island, but we do like beaches. In fact I just got back from several days near Savannah where we sent a day on Tybee Island at the beach and stayed on a tidal marsh. There were pelicans, and other birds. and mainly the Atlantic Ocean to put our feet in. Palm trees and live oaks festooned with hanging moss.

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      1. Loved this post. Brought back good memories as we flew there in a Fokker Plane for our honeymoon a long time ago. Felt very adventurous as first trip in a plane.

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  2. You are dredging up some wonderful memories with your fab photos.
    Our highlights were the seals and sea lions and the trip over from Adelaide in a very small plane.


  3. Flying in would be fun. I was pleased to leave negotiating the car into the ferry to Mr Cassmob as it wa tricky. I was blown away by some of the beaches.


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