Singapore Supertrees and flowers

This is the next instalment of my Special Moments, Magic Memories series for the 2022 A to Z Blog Challenge.

It had been “a long time between drinks”, as we say, since we’d visited Singapore but as an easy stop en route to India, February 2020 seemed a good time to have a stop-over not just transit. After all, we were flying ex Darwin and the flight is only about 30mins longer than our usual Brisbane-Darwin flight. Easy!

Coronavirus was being discussed but no more than Bird Flu as when we’d transited years before. Safety precautions were being taken everywhere we went and at that stage we felt quite safe.

We’d had a pretty comprehensive look around Singapore back in 1977 thanks to a baggage handlers’ strike in Australia. Our focus this time would be the new Gardens by the Bay which looked interesting and had been given the thumbs up by friends and family. Not only is the architecture amazing, the plants and flowers were WOW! Both of us love flowers so we were in a state of bliss.

There are three main visiting options during the day: the Cloud Forest with its tropical plants, and sprays of water and waterfall; the Flower Dome which is more seasonal; and Floral Fantasy. We loved it all!

And then there’s the Supertrees! You can walk around them during the day and see sights of Singapore from the observatory walkway, but at night…at night it’s spectacular! Truly WOW.

This is just a snippet of what a spectacular sight and sound you can enjoy in the Supertree Grove in early evening. WOW!!

Have you visited Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay? What did you think?

Have you seen a sound and light display elsewhere?

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