Zanzibar doorways and chilling

This is the next instalment of my Special Moments, Magic Memories series for the 2022 A to Z Blog Challenge.

Do you think some photos to doorways in Zanzibar might show us the way through this year’s A to Z final entry? We visited Zanzibar after our safari trips in Kenya as it’s promoted for tourists to relax after all the excitement, which it did. This island, an autonomous part of Tanzania, has a sad history of involvement in the slave trade but I wanted to finish on a more up-beat note today. If you want to see some images, and read some of the horrors, you can read an earlier blog post here.

Let’s check out some of the fascinating doorways we saw while wandering the streets of Zanzibar’s main town, Stone Town. When I see heavy doors like this or enclosed gardens with high fences I’m overtaken by an urge to know what’s behind them. Stone Town is a World Heritage Site.

A typical side-trip on Zanzibar is to spend some days near the beach just chilling. So let’s get in a relaxed mood ready to finish this challenge and check out some beach scenes.

Thank you to fellow bloggers and readers for following along, like-ing and commenting. I really appreciated your company and hope you enjoyed the virtual journey through my Special Moments, Special Memories. Meanwhile I’m off to send up some ZZZs.

Where is your favourite place to chill out and relax?

28 thoughts on “Zanzibar doorways and chilling

  1. Congratulations on another successful A to Z.

    Some great doorways and yes one definitely wants to know what is behind

    A beach in fine weather is a great place to chill and Zanzibar looks a beautiful place to do so

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  2. Another doorway to Zanzibar – the novels of Abdulrazak Gurnah, 2021 Nobel Laureate for Literature. A writer who grows on you. He was born in Zanzibar and has lived in England since 1968. I recommend Gravel Heart.

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  3. Congrats on seeing it to the end! Seems like it just started but I do enjoy April! I love those doors and I’d def want to peek behind. I tend to photograph windows and doors… they just call to me! That beach looks inviting… a glass of wine and hearing the waves lapping would be awesome right now. See ya later!

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    1. It went quickly but was also tiring so I’m glad I got to Z. I think I had cold spritzers rather than wine and the others had beers…suited the heat. Thanks for joining me on the journey.

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  4. My daughter went to Zanzibar with her husband before she had children. They decided Africa was the place to go BC and were glad they did. Zanzibar was the R&R for designed for recovery but unfortunately it was at the beginning and not the end of their tour. Also my daughter’s luggage was lost for about two weeks. They have many stories about that holiday which make me think I will probably never go to Africa. Not with Mr Curry anyway. Congratulations on reaching the end of A to Z 2022. I enjoyed reading your posts very much.

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    1. That wasn’t a good way for them to start their holiday was it? We were lucky and had no significant problems. I remember in Zanzibar being rorted for a fee per bag at the airport…wasn’t worth arguing or we probably would never have seen them again, Worth every little hassle incl me making a mess of my vax card, but it was saved by a whisker.
      Thanks for sticking with me and visiting from A to Z. Now we can all rest.

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  5. I have several puzzles of multiple doors. They are some of my favorites. I like windows because I can look through them and imagine the lives being lived there. I enjoy a rocking chair on a screened porch looking over a salt marsh or the woods for relaxing.
    Congrats on finishing another A to Z and for all those comments you made on my blog today. LOL That was a real trek!

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    1. Since I was writing most of mine on the day I hadn’t been keeping up with comments even when I’d been reading. Still amazed I only recognised one of your Golden books. Your relaxation spot sounds wonderful! It made me think of an artist’s retreat I know in Darwin. We’re all either imaginative or very curious when it comes to windows and doors 😉

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  6. Oh, I love this post! Doors and Zanzibar. I love doors and one of the sf novels I read long ago was Stand on Zanzibar. Doors offer such opportunity for expression. I need to do more with mine, and I need to walk through Tucson and take some snaps of the way others have shaped entrances to their homes. I have enjoyed getting to know a bit about your travels and writings through this A to Z. Congrats on completion of the challenge, by the way! I will visit again long before next April.

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    1. Thanks for joining me on the travels Nancy. I think you should take photos in your area and share them on your blog, for sure. I would love a Balinese gate into my garden but that’s not going to happen sadly.


  7. I did a speed reading of your A to Z – what wonderful places and amazing memories I know you have made. I have tried to get to your blog for weeks and finally found a link in. The other took me to an old blog.
    Hope you’ve has a great month.

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    1. Thanks for visiting and sorry to send you to my old troppont blog…happens when I’m on blogger especially if I forgot to add a link to my comment. I have to figure out how to fix that link via blogger.


  8. The doors are beautiful. I could get lost in imagining what is behind them.

    My favourite place to relax varies depending on where I am. We have traveled in a long time, but if we are on a tropical vacation then it would be on the beach with a good book.

    Congratulations on your A to Z success! It has been fun to follow along.

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    1. Tha is for joking me on the journey. Those doorways seem to excite interest rather than deterring it, don’t they? I’m with you Re books and beach.


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